Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Wrap Up!

So another month is ending! May has been a very memorable month...lots of great giveaways, a blogversary, many great things happened. If you missed anything, here is your chance to catch up!

1 - Allison, from House of Hepworth showed us how to make decor balls.

2 - Leslie gave us Ten Causes and Cures for Clutter

3 - An update on our roof and curb appeal

4 - Organized Reader, Jennifer, with her Once a Month Meals

5 - Updates, Vacations, and More

6 - A little progress on my office & OMF Headquarters: the Overview

7 - On being a Momma

8 - OMF to the Rescue: Kitchen cabinet dilemma

9 - Mineral Make-Up Mess

10 - Blogversary Week: A Giveaway a Day

11 - OMF to the Rescue: Laundry/Pantry Room Duo

Here is a list of all our sponsors of all the giveaways this month:

1. Tracy, from Clever Container with her $50 Gift Card

  • Tracy's website  and consultant ID is 453

A. Crumb's Away Utensil Tray Organizer

B.  31 Products: Rhnea's 31 website

  • you can contact her through her website

C. Hannah from Willow House

D.  31 Products from Valerie
  • Consultant ID is 146445

D. Brigitte from Clever Container

  • Clever Container ~ Independent Consultant (ID 301)

E. Laura from Creative Memories

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