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Monday, May 14, 2012

OMF to the Rescue: Kitchen Cabinets

Starting today and running every other Monday, I'll be having a brand new series called:

This is your chance to ask me questions, send in your pictures, or pick my brain to help you get that crazy, ridiculous space organized finally! A couple of months ago, I got a question from a reader. She sent me pictures, too! 

"I follow your site every day...I would love to appear {as} an Organized Reader but I'm afraid I can't find a solution - I need help with this kitchen cabinet! It's so tall and deep, things get lost inside and can't be reached. Don't know what to do. I've been looking on the net for some inspiration but I can't find anything suitable. Could you give me some suggestions?"
--  OMF Reader


  I suggested a few things for her. First, I suggested she could get a roll out shelf like this one. This helps to have your items go all the way to the back and easily pull all the way for much easier access:

Or, an expanding shelf that put the jars and cans on steps so you can see farther back. This is an easier way to be able to see all your items.

Another help is using a pull-out spice rack like this one. It has the same idea as the pull out drawer, but it stacks up several small items:

More ideas would be a lazy susan for the back corner of the cabinet or trays that can pull in and out.

There are lots of ways to organize those deep, corners of your cupboards. They are tough to utilize. But, keeping the things in the back that are seldom used, with trays full of your items in front of your things, can help minimize having to move each item - moving a whole tray of them is easier {like my baking supplies tray, as an example}! 

Even using the back of a cupboard door - like I did with my spices - can free up inside and make more use.

You can find more organizing ideas for your kitchen at my OMF organizing page - HERE!

Do you have any other helpful ideas for a space like this? Leave your idea in the comment section!

Also, each of the products above have a link to my Amazon shop {also find at the bottom of the right side bar}, should you be unable to find them locally. 

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