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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tadah! The ceiling is finished!!

 So, it's done!  The ceiling in our living room looks FANTASTIC!!!  Can you believe this is the SAME room?  

Here is a little bit of what had to happen to get it looking this snazzy...my Dad and hubby do a Christmas project each year {much to my delight}.  So, being that they are both quite the electrical engineers {really my Dad is a computer engineer but had to get his electrical contractor's license and then taught hubby everything}...well, they are fantastic!  Our house is old and they wound up having to rewire "half the house" {according to Dad, although it wasn't techincally half the house}.  

 Can you believe that it used to be like this? {Taken from my ladies' boutique}.

Look at the cottage cheese dark ceiling!

Oh, it's lovely!  If you missed how I painted this ceiling or had the ceilings scraped, just click on the link!

Here is a quick before and after!

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