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Friday, December 17, 2010


 We have those really awful popcorn ceilings....you know,  "acoustic" ceilings really popular in the 1960s and 1970s?  Well, our house was built in 1947, so our awful acoustic ceilings were not original to this house, at all!

We have a plan...each Christmas, when my parents come out, my Dad and hubby work on a big project.  Last Christmas they put in new flooring in our family room.  The Christmas before that it was new back door and inside doors.  This Christmas, it's to put can lights in our living room - it's the brightest most cheery room in the DAY light!  However, at night, it's ridiculously dark and cave-like.  We often host fellowship groups and small groups in there and trying to read your Bible in the light of three small table lamps is getting a bit ridiculous.  So, it's now become a priority. 

Well, we got half of our house ceilings scraped.  Thankfully I chose to do it that way - and thankfully I got smart and hired someone else to do it because the amount of labor, mudding, and sanding would have taken us 100 times longer than that of the crew who came and did it all in a few days {and they were pretty clean, too}!

Yes, it's purdy now....but, the hard part was that I still had to prime and paint them all.  We only did the entry, dining room, living room {which is big}, and our son's room {which had a large water stain on it and couldn't be touched up with all that "acoustic-ness" on it}.  So, I now have the difficult task of painting all these ceilings...and before Christmas!  I'll show you how I did it - and the many funny and misfortunate parts to it.  Uggh...I have a LOT of ceilings to paint. 

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