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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How YOU organize....a linen closet

Now it's time to feature how YOU organize stuff!   I spotted this recently while I was blogging around {is that a real verb?}.   Check it out!

Alison over at "Stuff and Nonsense" blog has this GREAT way she organized her linen closet.  Do you remember my linen closet series?  Well, her linen closet reminded me a lot of mine, since it's old and built-in.  Hers is MUCH older home than my 1947 home - she lives in house that's 120 years old.  It's a beautiful home.  

This is MY linen closet.

Alison and I are even the SAME age and we both love the Lord {sisters in Christ}. I encourage you to get a look at her blog beyond just her linen closet! 

Well, I saw this and loved how she got resourceful and went from THIS:  

Here is HER linen closet BEFORE

To this:

And....her linen closet AFTER.

 Be sure to send me YOUR area you've organized!  We'd love to see before and after pictures!  It's always fun to see how others organize to get ideas!

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