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Monday, January 17, 2011

My new favorite cleaning product!

Blogland is all a buzz about Shaklee.  Have you heard of it?  Well, if you haven't, it's probably the best stuff ever for cleaning.  You see, here in our household we {meaning my hubby, daughter, and son - I am the only exclusion} have severe allergies.  So, I have been trying for years now to find a way to clean without aggravating their allergies. The problem with most natural, non-toxic products is that they don't really clean all that well and cost a lot.  But Shaklee is different...I have now used the products for two months and can tell you these REALLY work and they are CHEAP! 

First, I decided to get a Get Clean Kit and loved everything in it!  I saw what the Scour-Off did on some other blogs {Clean Mama and A Bowl Full of Lemons} for ovens and I wanted to try it on my vintage oven - specifically my griddle on top! When we first bought the oven last summer, we had it outside to clean and had to use the Easy-Off heavy duty oven cleaner to get it clean - if you remember we had a grease bucket with about 60 years worth of grease to clean out!  And while it worked very well, the fumes alone about knocked me out and I could not imagine having to do that INSIDE my house!  But, the Scour-Off doesn't have any fumes! fact, I could scoop out the paste with my bare hands and it SMELLED nice {not overly smelly for my allergy sufferers} but nice!

As you can see above, the griddle on my oven is icky!  Well, part of it is that it has to be dirty in order to work well and nothing to stick to it while I cook on it {which I use this sucker EVERY day}.  So, I have to give it a good scrubbing once a month.  

Here is proof I used my hands in this sweet, smelling paste!

After a few coats of it and some elbow is what it looks like now {bear in mind that the dark black area is where the pilot light is on constantly so being 60 years old it will probably never truly go away}:

I also tried some on my tea kettle like I've seen elsewhere.  Here is the before {yes, there I am}:

And after {have you ever taken a picture of something shiny?}:


I just cleaned it a few days before with window cleaner, but the Scour Off made the biggest difference and got all that yucky stuff - the grease from the oven stuff.  Then my daughter wrote on her plastic chair with crayon and I tried all kinds of stuff to get it off {No, didn't take a picture} and it ALL came off with Scour Off.  I've also heard good things about it on the shower so I'm headed there next to try it there! It's my new favorite product! I've also heard it can do great stuff on my porcelain sink....oh, so many uses!!

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