Slow, but moving progress on our kitchen | Organizing Made Fun: Slow, but moving progress on our kitchen

Friday, August 6, 2010

Slow, but moving progress on our kitchen's what the kitchen is starting to look like:

My hubby had to start by ripping out the counter area -which was rather small 4 inch pieces on either side of the oven. 

Mike Holmes would be very disappointed with the junction box buried behind the wall and live wires in it!  But, my hubby was able to get it dry-walled and looking good so I could paint and get everything back in order!

 I gave the new drywall two coats of semi-gloss paint in a really nice brown called "Colonial Cobblestone" - which brings out the color of the cabinets. 

 Unfortunately, you won't see much of it!  Then, we hung our microwave back up (1) and got ready to move the new oven in (2)!  We had to take off the back door (3) to get it in!  It's beautiful! I am making the first batch of pancakes on the new oven griddle!  And, after a few nights of tweaking and scratching his head, my hubby has everything on the oven working well now!  Love it!

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! Can smell the pancakes over here..ha ha :)

  2. Oh Beckie it is gorgeous! Your husband did a great job, and your scrubbing of the oven was WELL worth it. Standing there making those pancakes must have felt great.

  3. you're so lucky! I love that stove, especially the griddle part!! Have loads of fun with it!

  4. Sweet as pie that stove is. And I am using all your tips for weekend organizing.


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