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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Organizing the new wall in the laundry room

Are you dying to know more details of my laundry room transformation? Well, I have been having a lot of fun with it, that's for sure.

Laundry Room wall with pegboard to cover ugly pipes |

Isn't the wall beautiful? It's still amazing that this wall went from an ugly eye-sore that I looked at constantly for six years to this! I want to put this pegboard everywhere now!!  It's almost magical, that stuff!

Before: Ugly pipes |

Before, this wall had no function - except UGLY! Oh, and last month we had a bit of a flood in the basement...that was quite an event {there was about 4 inches of water, uggh!}. Anyway...

Laundry Room wall with pegboard to cover ugly pipes |

My intentions down in my laundry room {which also happens to be my hubby's work area} is to make it as cheery, fun, and organized as possible. It's dark and the wall I face is just not pretty....

Laundry Room wall with stencilled pegboard to cover ugly pipes |

So, using something as simple as pegboard and stenciling it with some left-over paint I had, made an ugly wall beautiful and organized!

Before: Ugly pipes to try and hide |

Over the sink are the copper pipes that run along the wall and across to the washing machine. I really needed something over the sink - a shelf, ideally - to just add more function to that area. 

Darling shelf on pegboard wall |

So, just by adding this one shelf, I now have a place for the pretty things along with some practical ones over the sink.

This Home has Endless Love and Laundry framed |

I made this fun laundry room print to hang from the pegboard and add a little more whimsy and charm, too {cause organizing can be FUN}. I hung this print {using my Cricut machine} with one of my favorite things -- velcro hanging strips

Laundry Room wall with pegboard to cover ugly pipes |

The pegboard is across from my other alternative laundry items. You may recall how I showed you what I use to wash my laundry. Everything is within reach of my washer and dryer -- since they can not sit next to each other, non-traditional for sure. The washer is under the window, next to the {ugly} sink, and the dryer sits next to the shelving unit above. 

Natural Wool Dryer Balls to soften clothes |

If you're wondering what those white, fluffy balls are on the shelf -- those are new! They are natural wool dryer balls {unscented, of course}. I got them to put in my dryer to help soften my clothing, without using fabric softener or dryer sheets. 

Clothes Pin |

I included some pretty wood clothes pins, just for whimsy - cause I don't often use them, or even need that many. But, if I hang up something to dry I usually use my folding dryer rack or hang on clothes on a hanger on the closet rod in my laundry area. 

Terry Towels rolled up in a bread basket |

And last, I took some terry towels, rolled them up, and used a metal bread basket that I had gotten on clearance at Target months ago. The towels are great to have there to dry your hands off after washing and I can just toss right into the wash when they need it! On Friday, I will give you ALL the details of HOW we made this pegboard wall, some of the mistakes made along the way, and all the costs to making this. What do you think? Do you like it?

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