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Monday, November 5, 2012

OMF to the Rescue: Weird corner closet shelf

A whole month of organizing fun went by and it's time to get back to normal! So, I'm going back to OMF to the Rescue, where I help you out with your organizing dilemmas!

I received the following email back in August {sorry it's taken me awhile to get to this}:

I have twin daughters who are 17  and share this walk-in closet.  In the corner are 4 shelves that are pretty deep and have the potential to be great, but so far  all they are is a big dis-organized mess.  They are weird shaped in a diagonal position.  Do you have any ideas how to use this effectively?  They usually fill it will jeans, sports clothes and whatever else they can shove in there.  It is a mess most of the time.

...The shelves run from floor to the top of the closet  where there is a shelf above the hanging rods.  I would love any ideas!

Well, whoever designed this should be banned from's really a tough one. It's just the most useless, odd shaped shelf EVER! Right? Who would do this? Well, I have found a few ideas, that may or may not work. 

If possible, I would suggest taking out a few of the shelves, making one of the rods longer. But, that may not be possible either!
Spiral closet rod

Another fun suggestion, take out all the shelves and install something like THIS spiral clothes rack! How fun is this? 

Ok, so maybe I'm just daydreaming about something that would be fun, but not practical for this! Using a lazy susan on each shelf, but organize shoes and other things instead of their clothing might be a more practical way to approach it.


Maybe storing purses in the corner, with a pull out bin or stackable shoe storage, like above, would work.

I'm giving many ideas, but ultimately she'll have to figure out what works. Above, there are many ideas for corners. Unfortunately, the diagonal corner is quite odd and not a normal way to organize.

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I personally feel that the lazy susan solution would be the best for that diagonal corner. It may be tricky getting a lazy susan IN there, but if you can figure out a way, this would be great to hold other things. Or if you want to put clothes on the lazy susan, put inside a small container to rotate around, etc. What other ideas do you have to help her out?

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