How to put pegboard on a block wall to cover up ugly pipes {and more details} | Organizing Made Fun: How to put pegboard on a block wall to cover up ugly pipes {and more details}

Friday, November 9, 2012

How to put pegboard on a block wall to cover up ugly pipes {and more details}

I think so many of you have asked "how did you get that pegboard on the wall?" many times. And NOW I'm finally going to show you! I showed you last time how I organized it, now I'll show you how I did it!!

Before and after covering up basement pipes |

Before, of course, the pipes were an eye sore. No, it's not a necessity to make your laundry area pretty. But, let's be honest, having a pretty place to do your laundry makes it just a "wee" bit more fun! 

Stenciled pegboard |

The first thing I did was get inspired! I came up with the idea, probably while looking at Pinterest -- but honestly can't say that for sure! I am a total "copy-cat with a twist" kind of a girl. Nothing is usually totally original, but just something I saw that made me figure out a way to do something similar, but in  my own way. So, I decided to buy a simple, inexpensive stencil from the craft store. This was my first big mistake -- I should have bought a larger stencil that was better quality. But, I was on a time-crunch and didn't have time to order a nicer one. I used some left-over paint I had -- it was actually one of the sample paints I had bought to possibly paint our front door green, but later decided not to. I loved the color and figured I had JUST enough to do the stencil on this pegboard. 

Making mistakes on stencil |
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I measured everything carefully, and I still made BIG boo-boos! Oops! I am not a perfectionist, so I just figured out that I could hang the picture framed print right where the ugly "oops" spot was and then I placed the shelf right across another "oops" spot and covered it up nicely so you can't even tell where I messed up! No problem! 

Laundry printable: This Home has Endless Love and Laundry |

I made the framed "print" using an 11 x 14 sized frame that I got for FREE from my church recycle group. I spray painted it white {with spray paint I had on hand}, along with the cardboard that came inside white. Then, I used my Cricut machine with my vinyl to stick on the print--I found the saying for the laundry area HERE {which you can get as a free printable}. I think it turned out great for FREE, too! 

Fitting pegboard around things in basement |

But, HOW did we get that pegboard to hang on the wall? My husband carefully measured every single thing he had to go around - the sink faucet, the window, the shut off valve behind the washer, and the drain spout over the sink. You can see his sketch above. Then, he took small blocks and used concrete screws to screw in around the perimeter of where the pegboard would go - not too many, but enough to give plenty of support.

Cement screws in wood blocks in the wall |

He put a longer, narrower block of wood right under the window sill. The pegboard was NOT easy to get in there. It barely fit...BARELY! We had to take out the shelf next to the sink and wiggle and fidget it to get it in there. But, we got it in there. Then, he screwed the pegboard to the small blocks of wood {with regular sheet rock screws} that are drilled into the cinder block wall. 

Stenciled pegboard to cover up pipes in basement |

Because it's not holding anything super heavy, it works fine. I used pegboard shelf hangers to hang the shelf - which is a pre-made melamine shelf I bought at Lowe's. 

How to put pegboard on a block wall to cover up ugly pipes {a tutorial} |

Here is the breakdown of the cost to make this fabulous pegboard wall and pendant light:

Pegboard: $14.98
Shelf:  $5.73
{similar to this one}
Stencil: $10
Pebgboard shelf brackets: $7.80
Green paint: FREE {on hand}
Frame: FREE
Vinyl Lettering: FREE {on hand}
Bowl and jar: $12
Wire bread basket: FREE {on hand}
Terry Towels: FREE {on hand}
Clothes Pins: FREE {on hand}

Total = $50.51 {51 cents over budget}

Cutting around pipes and outlets with pegboard |

You can see the cuts my Hubby made. He's truly amazing at this -- got everything right the first try, also! I'm ready to use pegboard in more places around here -- so get ready to see more uses! What do you think? Are you ready to jump in on the pegboard train?

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