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Friday, March 16, 2012

My pretty planters are planted!

You might remember last month I showed you this planter that I personalized.

Well, it was only missing one thing! PLANTS! Yes, I need something inside this lovely planter on my front entry. So, here's a quick tutorial of what I did and the end result.

I wanted to plant succulents - I have become quite a fan of them in the last few years - probably due to their ease and beauty. I only water them once a week in the "winter" {if you can call what we have here in So. Cal. winter} and then about twice a week in the summer. They love that - and so do I!

The tall one was big and I didn't want to fill the entire thing full of dirt - first, because it would be way too heavy; and second, because it would cost a lot to fill it with all that dirt that it didn't necessarily need. So, I wanted to fill the bottom of the planter with those packing peanuts. Do you know it's hard to find those? But, I did...I sent out my email to my freecycle group and asked if anyone had any to spare. And there was someone there who did!

So, I filled the bottom of the planters about 2/3 full of the packing peanuts.Then, I put in some special cactus/succulent dirt. 

I used some neat succulents - one even has yellow flowers to tie in our front door. I couldn't tell you all the names of each one, honestly. But, I tried to use a variety of short and tall, and I usually can get more than one planting out of some of them by splitting them.

I also use a "topper" and I "dress" the soil. I like to use small pebbles or rocks to do that. It gives it a finished look and keeps any water from splashing the dirt out.

I am a sucker for succulents...really! What is it about them that makes me smitten?

My front entry is just glorious now with it's fun yellow front door and personalized planters...which now have beautiful, easy care succulents!

As for the rest of our curb appeal? Well, the roof isn't done {or even started at this point} and we've added some more stuff to the work list for the contractor....I'll update you more as things get done around here on our home projects! What do you think of my planter?

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