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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

11 Ways to Organize on the Back of a Door


One of the best places to add storage and/or organization is on the back of a door. Any door - front door, back door, cabinet door, bathroom door, bedroom door - they are all great places to do something that doesn't take up floor space!

Today I'm going to give you a LOT of great ideas I have found all around the internet, and my home too - using the back of doors. I hope this will inspire you to look at the back of your door differently! Above, you can see where I keep my spices on the back of my kitchen cabinet. Simple, easy, and very organized!


Here you can see a great way to organize wrapping paper and gift bags and all the gift goodies you need!


I like the idea of this back of the door - it's a little cluttered for me, but it's got a great way of using that space, nonetheless!

I recently showed you my new garage organizer on the back of the door of my utility closet. It's marvelous and I love it!

This one, she used the back of her linen closet to add hooks for her jewelry and it works well for her!

This one is another one I've done in my kitchen under my sink. I have the one cupboard rack on the right cupboard and the bag holder on the left side. I've utilized TWO doors in one spot! It works fantastically, too!

Another one I liked was this simple way to hang purses with the large command hooks. It's such a "duh?" idea too!

I like this one...it's a built in area on the back of the bathroom cupboard for gym equipment. I think it's just so clever! 

And then I have another door in my pantry that I have utilized.  I have a pantry door organizer rack. It works great for extra storage of all my can goods and dry goods that are smaller. 

Here is another great idea for a spice rack on the back of a cupboard door. It's different than mine, but certainly just as practical - if not more!

So, the last one I'll show you is another pantry door organizer, but it can be used to hold CDs or other things on just about any door, anywhere. Tell me, what do you think of all this back of the door inspiration!

I want to let you know that many of the products on here have links to my Amazon Shop. I'm not doing it to be sneaky, rather, many of you often ask me "where did you get this or that organizer?" and so this is an easy way to help you find it quick and easy at a reasonable price. I have set up that shop {the shop is also on my side bar} to help you find great organizing containers and gadgets at a reasonable price. 

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