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Friday, December 23, 2011

Organized Christmas: Little Extras and Tips

This is the very LAST day of our Christmas Organizing series. Christmas is just TWO days away! Yikes! I've had my kids home all week with me and it's been a blast doing lots of fun things together.

I wanted to show you a few tips and tricks I had for this year's Christmas decorating. One of my favorite decorations came in a Harry and David gift box that my hubby got as a gift from work. 

It's actually everything put into one box. Now see how it looks!

All the small boxes inside the big one makes it an excellent and easy way to store it. If you get some pretty boxes or wrapped presents this Christmas, you could replicate something like this.

It makes putting it away a snap, too!

Another thing we did this season was to string lights outside over the deck. We have yet to build a permanent structure over our deck - mostly due to money and more so: time! Most of the year we keep a large pop up tent on the deck to keep the sun from killing us inside the family room. Below is how it looked last year with the pop-up still up at Christmas:

The lights look so lovely at night, but we had a hard time figuring out how to string them to nothing this year! Since the fireplace has nothing tall to attach them to and we didn't want to drill a hole in there either.

So, I found an old umbrella stand - which is heavy - and suggested we do something with that. He found a plumbing pipe and put it over the top of the umbrella stand and drilled in a strap and used a caribiner clip {I had to look that up on Google}. Hubby thought I was brilliant - well, maybe he didn't SAY I was brilliant but I'm sure he was thinking that he was smart to marry such a brilliant woman! Ha, ha...

He attached the other side of the string of lights to our outdoor speakers - which, if you know my husband, is an absolute MUST outside...and if you remember our inside surround sound system he put in earlier this year, you'll know it's important. He also used a caribiner clip on the speaker to hold the lights. 

Some fun stuff! I really like it - it's beautiful and even with our crazy Southern California winds this month they didn't have any problems staying put. Happy organizing!

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