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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Organized Entry ideas

If you've got a way into your house, you likely have an entry. It may be small, large, skinny, or wide but somehow you enter in one door or another. I want to show you two ways you can organize your entry.

When getting in the door it's important to have somewhere to "land." So, having an entry for key-dropping, backpack hanging and coat hook toting is a must!

I took an old dresser and turned it into a fabulous organizer for our entry. It holds everything necessary for housing important stuff in the entry, as you can see above.

On top of the dresser, there are hooks to hold sunglasses and keys, along with a cell phone organizer, receipt scanner, and answering machine for the home phone – it’s a great place to drop stuff. On the side of the dresser is a sturdy hook to hold my purse to grab and go.

The second idea for organizing your entry, is to have a place for backpacks, coats, umbrellas, boots, and other kid stuff. This bench and hook area are just right.

To keep even more organized, I labeled the three baskets. I used small wood rectangles, some leftover chalkboard paint and ribbon. I painted the pieces, drilled a hole in each and then used a chalk pen to write the names on the labels.

The labels are simple and I can use them all over my house, too. There is also a place for umbrellas, coats, backpacks, scarves and mittens - even the dog has a towel for drying off when it rains and his leash.

Other things like an indoor/outdoor rug, umbrella bucket and removable cover on the bench seat help to keep things easily cleanable. Whatever you decide to do with your entry, make it work for you.  Find inspiration to keep it organized and functional.

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