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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

11 Ways to organize with binders

With school JUST around the corner for some of us {only one month away for our household}, you'll likely see lots of binders coming out on sale. I've come up with 11 ways to organize with binders! Here we go...

30Days Blog
I love this colorful family binder system that she came up with! It's fun and keeps your household organized with meal planning, babysitter information, insurance, health, and more...

Clean Mama
Clean Mama has some of the best ideas for binders, but this one is stellar! A cleaning binder! She has weekly, seasonal, calendars, and specialty cleaning! Wow!

Robyn's Ramblings

If you are a teacher or homeschool, what a great way to get organized for the school year!

Creativity Exchange
OK, talk about cord organization! This is seriously genius! She took cords and gadgets and organized them in this hardware binder!

Clean Mama

Keep your bills in order and things running smoothly, whether you have just your household bills and finances or a small business, too. This is a great binder for that!

Stay at Homeista
With all the manuals that come with every thing you own, what a great way to keep track of them and keep them organized and tidy! Not to mention how much faster to grab and get it out!

A Bowl Full of Lemons
If you're a couponer, this is great way to keep them all organized when getting ready to shop or while at the grocery store!

The Love Nerds
I don't have a ton of DVDs or CDs, but if I did I would certainly love having them organized like this!

My Life in Progress
If you're trying to stay motivated to exercise and lose weight, keep a fitness binder of exercises and log your weight loss!

Frugally Sustainable
For the gardener in all of us -- especially when you plant things in your yard and can't remember when or what the name of the plants are. Seeds to use, etc.

Iheart Organizing
Making a yearly notebook for each child of cherished memories or paperwork is such a great idea to keep it organized and tidy!

Do you use binders for any of these uses or for anything else?

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