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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Organizing my Hubby!

Today is a special day! Today is my hubby's birthday - it's also his dad's birthday too {and Happy B.Day to my FIL}! So, in honor of today I'm going to let you all in on how I organize my hubby!
Me and my Sweetie at my surprise 40th Birthday party he threw me last April!

I have the most wonderful hubby. He is such a blessing to me. He puts up with all my organizing, he supports my blogging, he is hard working, and he is a man of God. 

I get emails from lots of you asking about how to get your husband to clean or keep organized. Most of you are probably disappointed when I tell you that he doesn't really do any of it. I have had the privilege of being a stay at home mom - now part time blogger and piano teacher at home - for the last 13 years of our 17 years of being married. For us, he is the provider and the fixer. 
Hubby's closet before and then after with organizer in place.

I am the home organizer and manager. I honestly don't expect him to do much in the way of cleaning - which isn't his strong suit - or organizing. A couple of years ago I turned our office closet into his super organized closet. He loves it and I wanted to share with you how I keep him organized.

As you can see, it's got an extremely efficient system in there. When I was designing his closet, he had a dresser in the office {which is adjacent to our bedroom, across from our master bathroom} that I wanted to get rid of. So, I had to fit everything in his closet. Every space had to have a purpose. He has a LOT of clothing, honestly. Probably more than I do - but he changes several times a day sometimes because he works as an executive during the day and he is very handy and comes home and fixes stuff at night and changes into something else. He also golfs a lot and has clothes for that.

I figured out all the things he wanted in the closet and then had the Elfa closet designer help me come up with the design. I told you before, I save up for these and they go on sale every year on December 24th! I'm prepared and start designing them in October. Then, I put the closet plan on the closet and think about it for a couple of months. I often change my mind and have it tweaked.

It's fantastically organized! How does he do at keeping it organized? He doesn't.  I do his laundry and put everything away - he just opens up the drawers or knows where to find things and they are there - I don't label anything for him since he's a "big boy". I'm going to break down each zone for you now. Above you can see I have all his golf shirts arranged by color from white down to black. Then, it goes into miscellaneous shirts and sweaters by sleeve length. He really likes being able to find things when he gets his clothes ready in the morning.

On top of that are his suits, blazers, trousers, dress shirts, and ties. This particular day he didn't have all his dress shirts in the closet - they were at the cleaners - so there are about ten less in there than usual. Notice that I have used the black slim hangers. Those hangers are truly all the "hype" - they are slim and easy to use. I highly recommend them!

On the other side of the closet I have a set of three laundry baskets under his drawers. I love these laundry baskets - everyone in the family has them, but hubby has three. He has one for his regular clothing, another for his work clothes {which he likes washed separately}, and the third one is for dry cleaning. I introduced these to him many years ago, but used another laundry sorter for awhile. These fit down under his drawers and actually hold a LOT more clothes than it would seem.

His drawers are all organized with his shirts - folded into quarters and going from front to back - shorts, socks {which he likes them all just thrown into a drawer and not orderly}, and more shirts. I've shown you how to do that before - it saves a TON of room in their drawers. 

I have the dress shoes on a pull out shoe rack and his tennis shoes on the shelf. 


His pajamas and big sweatshirts also are on the shelves with a divider to go in between and keep them orderly. 

Then above that his camera equipment - and all kinds of sound equipment for who knows what? - along with another shelf full of his important stuff that I'm not allowed to throw out {but would given an opportunity!}.

His closet has this weird bump in there, but when we designed the closet system, we were able to work around that and the way high spot up top. It's also SUPER narrow - so a hanger barely fits. I put weird stuff up there - or boxes my hubby likes to keep from electronics he buys but won't throw the box out for a year! Well, I comply with this, but as soon as I can I throw that box out!! 

One last way I have organized my hubby? Our Craig's list find -  entry dresser that I transformed. Have you seen it? It's fantastic! 

I have his keys organized, a drawer for his stuff he brings home every night, a charging station, and another place he can put junk that needs to be kept but isn't pretty to look at!

So, while it may seem he is organized, quite honestly it's really ME who likes to keep him organized. And, being the sweet, wonderful hubby he is, he lets me! I think he reaps the benefits of it and enjoys that I keep him organized! Do you have a special way to keep your hubby organized?

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