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Saturday, June 4, 2016

The BEST RV {and Camping} Organizing Products

Last year, when we bought our used RV, we planned on using it for multiple family get aways - and we have! We go away as many holiday weekends as we can, and we love every minute of RVing. We just got back from a wonderful trip this past weekend and I wanted to share some of the best products that we use while we're RVing. Many of these products are also great for camping, as well. So, be sure to share this with your camping friends! If you want to see more good stuff that we do while RVing, go to my Instagram #OMFRVmakeover hashtag and you'll get to see all kinds of fun stuff I post about it. 

The BEST RV {and Camping} Organizing Products ::

OK, so one things that happens when you go camping or RVing are those wet towels that seem to be everywhere! Right? So, what do I do? I use these awesome suction cup hooks {locking} for towels or even hanging up outdoor decor. You can also use them inside the shower of your RV to hang wet swimsuits.

Use suction cup hooks to hang towels on the side of the RV ::

I also use them to hang decor from the side of the RV, as well! Make sure you get the locking suction cup hooks, as they will stay on through wind and hold heavier stuff!

Use suction cup hooks to hang decor on the side of the RV ::

We also lack space for things, so I use this spice rack organizer on my cabinet above my stovetop. It's a great spot because I can't really fit very much up there! 

Spice rack under cabinet in RV ::

We love to sit in our zero gravity recliners when we camp - a great way to take a nap, too! But, we like to have a few things next to us while napping and relaxing, so we have found these side table organizers are perfect for that!

Side table organizer for camping ::

And here it is on the chair.

Side table organizer on a zero gravity chair for camping ::

We love this travel table we take camping - it folds up into a small bag so it is easy to store under the rig. We can pull it out and pop it up and it's ready to go when we need a little extra room for stuff on a table. 

Folding travel table for camping ::

Hidden storage or tucked away storage is a big favorite of mine. I use this K cup holder inside the RV kitchen cupboard. I love it because it holds the necessary K cups but doesn't take up any extra space!

K cup holder undermounted on shelf cabinet in RV ::

If there's one thing I don't like - it's splinters in my rear end! Right? I had to throw this one in because it's a life saver! We got this really nice picnic table cover set. Now, the one in the link is on Amazon, but I found ours at the campsite store for a little less money, but not in as many color choices. 

Picnic table cover to protect your buns ::

If you look at the edge of the table, I also have the picnic table clips. This last trip I'd be lost without those, too - the wind was insane!  

Picnic table clips for camping ::

We found a great pop up trash can that we use and it's zips up - which great because little varmints can get in the trash or the wind can blow it over, so the zipper keep them out. 

Pop up trash can for camping ::

This was a little of a splurge for us, but a necessity to keep our bikes organized - this shows only two bike racks, but ours can add another two on to this and can hold four bikes nice and neatly. 

Bike rack on back of RV ::

I also like having one or two of these rubber buckets to store helmets and other toys underneath the rig. You can just pull them out from storage and keep around to throw stuff into while you're camping. I got this one at Target a few years ago. 

Rubber buckets for camping to hold toys and helmets ::

Having rubber car mats around the RV is also a great way to keep the dirt from getting in. Unfortunately, our RV has a lot of carpet in the front and when you walk inside, so I use rubber car mats outside and inside to keep the as much of the dirt and rocks from getting inside. These are just car mats I got from Costco. 

Rubber car mats to help keep dirt and rocks from getting all over the RV ::

This telescoping ladder is amazing! If we have to get up high on the RV, it's able to set up like a full ladder - but telescopes to 14 1/2 feet tall! It fits so nicely in the RV storage underneath. 

Telescoping ladder stored in the RV ::

A simple and easy way to get extra storage is to use an over the door shoe pocket organizer

Shoe pocket organizer over the door to hold snacks on the RV ::

In our cupboards, I use these wire stacking shelves in there to fit more shoes. 

Wire stacking shelf rack to hold shoes ::

This roll of velcro comes in REAL handy when you're camping. It comes in a big roll and you can cut it to any length you need. 

Roll of velcro ::

We use it a lot to wrap leashes for the dog...

Velcro for cords ::

A lot cords, even tie down the trash can to something so it doesn't blow over, and many more uses. 

Velcro for cords ::

The last thing I wanted to share is command hooks. I use them these all over the RV - they are great for using on the back of doors to hold things, especially. 

Command hooks for back of the door in the RV ::

Can you tell I love Rving with my family? It's a lot of fun and there's so many fun adventures we've had already. Do you have a favorite product to keep you organized while camping?

You can find any of the products I mentioned here, as well:

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  1. Awesome ideas, I really like the suction cup idea, I'll definitely use that!


  2. Very helpful as we are looking into rving in the near future. thanks for the ideas and if you come up with more a 2nd part blog would be great too.

  3. So far my favorite item we use in our travel trailer is HangAway toothbrush holder. I put them on the wall with 3M strips and they work perfectly every time we travel. All four toothbrushes hanging there, no fishing them out of travel bags, etc. And I LOVE the suction cup idea, wet towels are a thing and I haven't been able to figure out how to dry them out well, this is great, thank you. Also the bike rack we'll look into and picnic table cover i think i'm going to grab also. Thanks!


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