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Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Girl Room: Tutorial on a headboard update

If you've been following me on Instagram {BeckyB_OMF}, then you are getting the up to date and minute by minute photos on my girl's room. We decided to update her headboard and I'll give you a quick tutorial on that. She's 9 now - such a big girl! I can't believe how fast she's growing up.

headboard girl room tween

On Monday, I showed you a sneak peak of her room with the beautiful stencil that I was able to use on her walls. {If you want to win a stencil of your choice, be sure to click over HERE and enter to win}. 

girl room tween headboard

Her headboard is so cute, but she told me how much she didn't like it because it would hurt her little head. Her grandma gave her this headboard years ago and it was a nice one, so I wanted to figure out how to keep it while protecting her precious, little head!

Tween turquoise kid

So, my Hubby took a piece of scrap plywood and cut it to fit into the middle of it. I bought the softest turquoise-colored fleece so it was warm and fuzzy and soft and squishy on her sweet, little head! I spray-glued the 2 inch foam {the foam store cut it exactly to the size I needed it}, added batting and the fleece around it. 

I stapled everything - relatively neatly!

drill headboard

Once it was stapled and ready to go we set it inside the other headboard and screwed it into the plywood from the back.

turquoise headboard tween room girl

As you can see, it fit nicely. We added a small piece of trim between the foam part and original headboard since there was a large gap - but had that laying around, too! This is when organizing scraps of plywood and trim pieces is good cause you can use them in a pinch!

We got the headboard piece on her bed the day before her birthday - which wound up being a good thing. She woke up sick on her birthday and had to stay home from church. She was VERY sad to be sick on her birthday. But, thankfully she had a soft place to put her little, sweet head to have breakfast in bed...cause she was sick the next day, too! 

And here is one last view of her headboard with her bedding. Next week, I'll show you the whole room! We've still got some organizing to do, too - of course! What do you think? 

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