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Friday, December 16, 2011

Outdoor Evening Christmas Dinner

I realize that many of you couldn't imagine having an outdoor Christmas party this time of year...it's cold, it's rainy, or it's snowy! But, one of the benefits we have here in Southern California is the chance to do that nearly year round. Envy us all you want...but it comes with a cost - high housing costs and smog! You just can't have it all. So, we just take advantage of it.

I want to share this wonderful party we threw for my husband's staff. He's their boss and offered to have them over in lieu of eating out. It's definitely more personal and enjoyable having it this way than in a restaurant...plus we have four heaters and a fireplace out there to keep us nice and cozy warm!

My theme was "Snowflakes" - ironic, right? 

Each guest brought a side dish and we provided meat and drinks and appetizers - it really made things much easier on me, too! They had signed up to bring a particular dish, so I made labels where they would go, to make it easier.

They were also provided with a couple types of wine, so we had several wine glasses to go with their choice. I provided small tags {using a punch cutter} and some baker's twine to put on the bottom of their wine glass.

At the table I did the same with their water goblets so they knew which glass was theirs.

Each guest received a small gift at their place setting - an inexpensive ornament {from Target} placed inside "$1 place" containers I found there, too. I used baker's twine to tie together - I think they turned out cute!

I made a "photo booth" for them to take pictures together - being that they work together all the time, it would be fun to have pictures together, especially silly ones. I used a couple of rolls of coordinating wrapping paper and taped them to the wall and set up my camera on the tripod - I gave them the remote control to take their own pictures.

Yes, that's me in mid-talk. I was trying to get the remote to work - practicing - when it took the shot! 

The fun part was my hubby pulled out the kids "arcade basketball" game for his employees to play. It was hilarious and a great way to get everyone laughing and having a good time.

They left knowing that their "boss" appreciates them and a more intimate time being able to sit and enjoy one another without having to rush out or have interruptions from a restaurant. 


Have you had any Christmas parties at your home this season?

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