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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How I organize my kitchen: The pantry

When we first looked at our house in 2006, we walked in and the kitchen looked small. The house was in a great location, it was bigger than we expected, but the kitchen was small.  However, there was a hidden jewel in this kitchen that I didn't realize until we actually moved in.  It was our pantry.  I'd never had a real pantry before.  Here is what it looked like when my hubby took pictures at our walk-through:

It didn't really even look like a pantry.  It looked like a storage closet. The former owner used it for storing dishes - which in my opinion was all wrong!  Here is what my pantry looks like now:

Notice I added a rack on the door to the pantry - makes a HUGE difference!

I am going to give you a closer look now. I actually spiffied it up a bit since this picture.  I took some wrapping paper and double sided tape and went to town! I should paint it.  But, you see, each year I do a closet with a new ELfa system...and at the end of this year {when they go on sale} THIS is going to be next - a new pantry shelving system!

I do love my pantry, but the shelves are inflexible and I have lots of ideas to improve it.  Because I didn't want to paint it the wrapping paper seemed cheapest and easiest to make it pretty and cute! And it was...

Pantry door

As you go inside, I've got a great tray {I LOVE trays} that I use to hold all my baking supplies.  This way I can just grab the whole tray and take it over to where I'm mixing up a batch of something yummy!

Our favorite cookies are oatmeal, chocolate chip, raisin cookies!  OH, and we LOVE marshmallows around here!

One shelf I have set up with baskets I got free {filled with Christmas gifts for my hubby from work} and used them to house all the lunch bags and the "necessities" like plastic spoons, hand wipes, etc.

A few years ago I set up snack baskets for each of the kids.  These are used whenever they get goodies they don't finish, candy from school or church, or other goodies that they like.  Then, after dinner they can pick one candy or snack for dessert.  I also have one in the middle for them to choose a snack after school - they are FAMISHED when they get home, for some reason!

Another shelf holds chips, crackers and other miscellaneous things that are inside containers I got from Ikea or the 99 Cents Store.

I've even got a trash can that I fit for our regular recycling things like cardboard and tin cans and non-paying bottles.

It's an awkward space but I found a trash can that can fit next to the step {underneath are the stairs down to the basement}
The other side has our regular bottles and cans recycling - our cash paying items!

There are the kids' schedules posted on one wall, too.

Then, our dog, Rusty, even has some treats and shelf space for all his goodies. 

Yes, that says "Mom's snacks" on the left!

There is room for all our nuts and trail mixes and other snackie things! I used a lazy-susan in the corner for all the nut containers and then have a tea cup filled with single drink flavors.

We're a bit nutty!
I made my own labels for the wire shelving on the back of the pantry door.  I had to get creative because I couldn't figure out how to get a label to stick on there!  Here's what I came up with. I took cardboard, printed up {with regular paper} matching labels and double sided tape and then used a binder clip to attach them.

On the very tippy-top shelf I put a bunch of my serving pieces and crock pot.  And underneath that shelf I have my pastas and my extra paper goods, too.

The large basket on the top right shelf is full of paper goods organized and ready for company at a moment's notice!

And...that's it!  Hope you enjoyed a little peek inside my pantry.  I have another pantry, believe it or not.  It's my overflow pantry with all the bulk items and that's in the basement.  Someday I will show you that one too!  It's not so pretty, but super practical!  


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