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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pretty in pink...

One of the things I decided to get done on this house, was to have all the closets organize with closet systems.  However, I cannot afford to do that all at once.  I did my best with each one as I have slowly been saving each year for the Elfa systems, from The Container Store.  They go on sale once a year at the same time (right after Christmas until mid-February)...they even design it for free online and you can call and talk with someone to help you.  My daughter's closet got the first closet system.  I wanted a system that could move around and change as she grew older and her clothes got bigger. 

You can see, above, that I had her closet as organized as I possibly could do!  Girls have lots of dresses, generally, and being that she is the only granddaughter of six grandchildren, her Grammy LOVES to buy her dresses!  So, I put in all my measurements on the website and then they sent me a sketch.  They follow up with a phone call and you can make some final decisions.  I was very happy!  I have also done my own closet, here, that I was quite happy with - two years ago - and my hubby's closet in our office, here, last year.  I have one clothes closet left to son's.  He actually has the biggest closet of all of us (funny, since he hardly has any clothes hanging in it, but mostly Lego's and science kits).  He gets a new closet system after Christmas this next year.

Here is a picture of my daughter's closet right after it was done three years ago (this is shortly before we put the doors back on).  Here is what it looks like now.  Notice how I've moved stuff around already, since she's grown taller and her dresses are longer now!

Since we're in her room...I thought I'd show you what we did to her room too!  It's so precious!  

Her bedding was all bought on Ebay or clearance, even the nightstands were from Ebay!  Ikea was where we got her pretty hanging net, and my Mom converted some Target curtains into something unique!

Her desk was given to us free from some friends - we just painted and spruced it.  Ikea chair...the chandelier was an ugly brown one from Ebay that I spray painted and added crystals and my Mom used scraps left over from the curtain to cover the cord.  The closet doors I spray painted with frosted paint to break up all that glass, and painted the brass to silver!  It's held up fairly well the last few years!

 I took old lamps from our family room and added pom-pom fringe around the edges.  The "Rachel" I made and drew in - piece of canvas from Michael's craft store.  And her little ballet picture was from the thrift store.

The dresses are both special.  I took canvas and left over paint and painted them.  The dress on the left was my "going home" dress when I was a baby.  The dress on the right was Rachel's "dedication" dress when she was dedicated at church.  

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  1. Your daughter's room is very very cute! Did you install the elfa system yourselves? I need to do closet systems in all of our closets! I like your idea of doing one a year.

  2. Yes...we installed them ourselves. It's actually quite simple, but could take a half day or so just depending on the amount of shelving/hanging stuff. Hers was pretty easy - everything hangs from one simple "rod" from the top of the closet, so there is only one place it's attached.

  3. Her room is so pretty!! LOVE that closet. I need to do something like that soon in the girls' room. It's looking bad in there. :s Thanks for linking up with me. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your daughter's organized and adorable room in my favorite color "PINK". How old is your daughter now. I need to share my daughter's room too.

    I love how you showed us how the closet system can be changed. :)


  5. Sigh... that is a gorgeous room and simply marvelous closet!

  6. Your daughter's room is adorable! What a great closet she has. You've done a great job organizing it!

  7. Oh my! That closet is beautiful!!! I am strangely drawn to all of the pink!
    (Could it be because I live in a house full of boys?) :)
    That closet system was definitely worth it. I love your little girl's room. How precious.
    Thanks for linking to my party!


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