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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Family Room Update: Fireplace Makeover

Recently, I was looking at my family room and ready to do a few updates in there. We moved into our house over 11 years ago and it was one of the first rooms that I painted. So, I felt like it was time to do something our hideous fireplace. We fixed the fireplace about 6 or 7 years ago so that it could function. This room was turned into a Rumpus Room back in the 1960s, and later enclosed. So, the fireplace had a rotisserie in it - that I've since taken out, of course! 

As you can see, the rocks are interesting in it - different colors, different sizes and shapes and stick out! It's not my taste, for sure. 

First things first, since it is not glossy and is a rough surface, I simply wiped down the surface to get the dust off and then used a primer {see below} on it. 

I recommend that you use an older brush for painting this type of surface, since you have to get into the nooks and crannies. It can make a mess of a paint brush!

After the primer, I used Sherwin Williams interior Emerald paint in "Serious Gray". I could have probably used just a quart for the whole fireplace, since a gallon was far too much! 

What a huge difference painting it all one color! Next, I painted the inside black with a high heat paint {see below} and it made the inside look really clean! Then, I decided that the gas logs and the red brick/lava rocks weren't looking so great. I wanted to keep it more modern and sleek. The red lava rocks really didn't go well with it.

I purchased blue fire glass - it took two ten pounds bags to fill up the bottom of the fireplace. By removing the gas log, it gave it such a sleek look! I love it!

In the end, I've got a much better look without having to tear out everything and make a mess. It wasn't expensive and it was easy - took me only three hours to do the whole thing! I just wished I'd done it sooner! 

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  1. Good job - looks very spiffy now and the glass rocks are very cool!

  2. Love this post! It takes me back to the days of blogging when everything didn't have to be sleek and new and made over in 6 weeks.
    Also the fireplace looks great!

  3. Beautiful,calmer look. With the side cabinets further out from the brick, think about a small built-in shelf or bench connecting the cabinets. Probably under the larger stone below the firebox. This would give the fireplace a more built-in look and could give you more decorating spots. Just my suggestion to compliment your good work.

  4. What a difference! Beautiful job!

    1. Thank you! Paint can sure do a lot to change things!

  5. When you showed the closeup of the rock it almost looks like lava rock. Weird! The fireplace definitely looks better but I prefer the beach picture above it more. But, that's just my taste.


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