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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Family Room Update: Counter Intuitive

Last week, I share the family room update to our fireplace. Just using paint, it made a huge difference! This week, I did more updating in there. Years ago I painted all the built in cabinetry. The fireplace sits between cabinets built by someone back in the 60s. It's great having them, and I painted them white many years ago. But, the tops of them kept getting chipped up. 

BEFORE: Chipped up counter top

BEFORE: Chipped up counter top

It wasn't durable enough for just paint, so I found a solution - quite an amazing and cheap solution! First, I used deglosser and wiped down the top of the painted surface. 

Use deglosser to prep counter

Then, I took a roll of Marble Contact Paper and cut it to size. It's not like regular contact paper - it's much thicker. I easily laid down the contact paper - and I'm terrible with contact paper - and trimmed all the edges. 

After deglossing counter, use thick marble contact paper

Do you see this? Yes, this is contact paper!! It's gorgeous! 

Faux marble counter top - easy and inexpensive

The look of it is so real to a marble countertop! It's lovely! Another easy fix for our family room!

Faux marble counter top - easy and inexpensive

Next time you need to do an improvement on your counter tops or maybe table top - think about this option! 

Faux marble counter top - easy and inexpensive


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  1. Now that is is great idea! Wonder how it would do on the top of my dryer?

    1. The top of our dryer looks like a war zone. I would love to know if it's possible.

  2. i have been using this in our new to us home and absolutely love it. i too am not so great with contact paper but this has such terrific extra body and does make it easier.

  3. Wow, that does NOT look like contact paper. It had me fooled. What an inexpensive high end look. Just shared this awesome transformation on my FB page. Great job!


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