Bedroom Closet Clean up (part 3) - Simple tricks to fit more in your closet | Organizing Made Fun: Bedroom Closet Clean up (part 3) - Simple tricks to fit more in your closet

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bedroom Closet Clean up (part 3) - Simple tricks to fit more in your closet

So, have you done it?  Have you started cleaning out your bedroom clothes closet?  Have you found stuff you forgot was there?  Let me encourage you, don't be tempted to keep the stuff you forgot you had!  If you haven't noticed it was gone or forgot about it altogether, that's a good indication that you really didn't need it!

Here are a few tips that I have to help you actually organize your closet.
Shirts all facing one direction

  • Have all the hangers facing one direction, so your shirt/dress is always hung in one direction (front facing left or right).  You can see from this picture that just hanging them always facing the same way makes your closet look neater and nicer.
  • Try and have the same color of hanger or type of hanger (color is especially nice, though). I have slowly over the years weeded out the hangers I don't like and got hangers that match and look uniform. 
  • If you have dresser drawers or drawers in your closet consider folding your shirts and lining them up like below.  Most people will lay shirts on top of one another, but you can actually get more room by just taking them a step further and folding it over one more time.
  1. Lay out shirt
  2. Turn over and fold over sleeves
  3. Fold bottom to top
  4. Turn over to front of shirt
  5. Fold in half again
  6. There you go, shirt is smaller
Now, if you look down in the drawer to pick out a shirt for the day, you can SEE all the color and shirts in your drawer and you can actually fit a lot more shirts in your drawer!

The top picture is my shirt drawer, with a divider in between.  The bottom drawer is my daughters' shirt drawer with no divider between.  See how easy it is for your kids, especially, to pick out a shirt more easily without making a big mess too - trying to dig out that shirt way on the bottom of the pile?  It's easy and simple.
To make your closet look nice, I suggest you get yourself some other things. I have a ton of purses, I love them!  But, they don't look very nice.  So, I bought some inexpensive cardboard boxes at Ikea for $1.95 for a set of three (they were on clearance).  They didn't fit, so I cut the cardboard down to fit them on the shelves.  You'll notice inside the box that the purses aren't really even neatly laid.  Just good enough, since you can't see it.  Since there is a top on it, you can't notice that I cut them shorter.

 My sock "drawer" has this great divider thing, too which you can get from Amazon.  Now, my husband does NOT like his socks divided up like this.  He prefers to have them all thrown into one drawer and dig through to find what he likes.  That being said, I do it his way. It's still all in one drawer, but his way!  Don't force your husband to do something that is more of a pain for him than anything.  My kids have to have their stuff the way mom does it (or at least I try to find a way that's easier for them to keep doing) but it must always go back into the same place.

Go back over Cleaning up your bedroom closet Part 1 and Part 2.   Are there any places you can add hooks in your closet?  How about your kids' closets?  Are you helping them learn to keep their closets organized.  This is a daily task - keeping things up.  If you spend a few minutes a day keeping up what you've worked so hard on now, it will likely be neat and organized for the long haul.  Go back and get some closet inspiration and work a little each day on your closet.

So, tell me, what do you think?  Will this help you get more room in your closet?

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  1. I see you also organized according to color. I do this too and it makes planning outfits so much easier because you can always find out if something is cleaning by jumping to that color. I separate the short sleeved from the long sleeved tops too. It really is a time saver.

  2. I LOVE the shirt idea. I fold my shirts like that, but it never occurred to me not to stack them on top of one another. What a great idea!!

  3. Good tips---not only for organizing, but also for making more room. I worked retail in college, and we folded shirts very similarly to the way you showed. :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. I so need your blog! I'm a new follower, here from Amanda's. I can't wait to learn more organization tips!

  5. Hi there! I'm visiting from Amanda's.

    I'm glad I found you today. Cleaning out my closet is getting very close to the top of my "to-do" list! Right now I'm in the middle of a mighty effort on the pantry. Nice to find someone who's organized!

  6. Stopped from Amanda's party--love how you fold shirts. I am going to have to try that. We have very small drawers and this sounds like a great space saver!

  7. Hi there! I just found your blog from I Heart Organizing, and you've done a great job with your closet. We need to reorganize ours, and you've given me some great ideas. Thanks!

    From looking at the before and after shot, it looks like you got a new closet light fixture. If so, do you mind sharing where you got it? It's really cute :-) Thanks!

  8. Alexis - Yes, I added that little hanging pendant light. There was an existing light bulb in the closet- pretty shabby - and so I wanted something chandelier-like and sparkly but didn't have the room. I found this one on the clearance section at and then we hardwired it in, and took the wire (you would normally hang it down with) and tucked it where you can't see it and hung the little part from a hook. Thanks for visiting my blog! Becky

  9. Great ideas! I too color cordinate my clothes. It makes it easier to find something and looks way neater.

  10. The color order is nice and neat. I do that also.

  11. Shirts on the side is pure genius! I always pack suitcases that way to fit more, but never my drawers. And of course I always want whatever item is on the bottom of the pile so it quickly becomes a jumble. Thanks for the great tip!

  12. I love the way you have your tees. I have had my camis like that. I want one of those sock organizers! My husband doesn't like them either. I am going back to check out your other posts.

  13. How you place your shirts in the drawer is a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing that tip!

    My sister keeps her socks like you do. I hope to find something similar so I can also arrange my socks that way.

    Looks great!

  14. thanks for the shirt folding tip. going to try it tonight

  15. where did u get the drawer divider's from? I really want some!

  16. I went through every drawer and changed how I fold everything so I can put it vertically and I can't believe how much more space I have and how much easier it is to find everything. How did I live before learning of this way????!!! I love it.


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