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Monday, June 21, 2010

Cool website and tool...

Family Organizing Calendar |
I found this really neat website a few months ago.  It's called Cozi and it's a family organizing calendar.  What's unique about it is that you can use the website from the internet anywhere, it also syncs up to your existing Outlook calendar, and you can even access your shopping list from your cell phone -either you can have it call you to tell you what's on your list or if you have internet you can access it.  I have been finding it quite useful!
To Do Lists | 

I like the "To-Do" list feature - where I have many lists going. 

It has the easiest way to input your calendar stuff too - you just type it!  No tabbing, no spacing, just put your name, date, time, whatever it is - one right after the next and it figures out where to put it!  Very cool feature!

Family Scheduling |
They even have a place to journal and write down your thoughts, if you feel like it!  It's pretty cool.  My husband can access the calendar from work and check to see what we're doing on a certain day.  I can print up a calendar of just my son's activities for him for the week.  Pretty neat!

Yes, I'm thoroughly impressed with this cool calendar tool and it's easy and simple!  They also have a Facebook fan page, so look them up too!

Oh, did I mention you can have them send you reminders via text?  Another great thing.  Well, I guess what I'm mostly saying is to think about a great way to get yourself organized with your calendar.  It's all free, so check it out!

What tool do you use to organize you family calendar?  Do you use the wall one or an online one?

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  1. Ooh such a great idea. I'm def. going to check that out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I use the microsoft outlook calendar and it's worked quite nicely, but i might need to check this baby out. Thanks, Becky!

  3. I use Cozi and love it. I actually have a "family member" named "bills" and "mom's task list" this way I can task out my to do's in the midst of my daily callendar to be sure I get the most important things done first. The bills due one helps us juggle pay days events that cost $ and bills to manage the cash flow through the month. It's a great tool! ceck it out! tiff


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