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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hooked on Hooks!

So, I'm looking around my house while I was cleaning and thought - "hey, I've got a lot of stuff on hooks!"  So, I guess, without even realizing it, I've really come to rely on hooks!  Let me show you:

Coat Hooks | organizingmadefun.com

 Here I have hooks in my back entry we use sort of like a mud room, but in the summer the kids hang their swim bags and towels.  In the winter we use it for coats (not pictured underneath is a matching bench with basket for storage).

Coat Hooks | organizingmadefun.com
Hooks on the back of the utility closet 
(I don't have a coat closet in this house at all).

Kids Room Backpack Hooks | organizingmadefun.com
 Hooks in my daughter's room

Kids Room Backpack Hooks | organizingmadefun.com
 Hooks in my son's room

Belt Hooks | organizingmadefun.com
Hooks in my closet for belts

Purse Hooks | organizingmadefun.com
Hooks for my other stuff

Belt Hooks | organizingmadefun.com
Hooks in my hubby's closet for belts

Jewelry Hooks | organizingmadefun.com
 Hooks for my jewelry

Pantry Hooks | organizingmadefun.com
Hooks in my pantry

Key Holder | organizingmadefun.com
Hooks for my keys...

Removable Hooks \ organizingmadefun.com
 Hooks for my extra frig scissors...

Decorative Hooks | organizingmadefun.com
Even hooks just for whatever appears!

Apparently, I'm really hooked on hooks and didn't even realize it!  It's true, I really like them because it gets clutter off the floors!  But, it's really easy to let the hooks get cluttered too, so you have to be careful to put some limits and restriction on those or you'll wind up with more clutter on there, too!

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  1. I like it! I don't have many up in this house, but you are inspiring me to change that!

    What I have been thinking of doing is eliminating the bathroom rod in the children's bathroom and putting up hooks instead. I think it would be easier for a child to put a towel on a hook than to fold it properly and hang it over a rod.

    Tammy (TJ) B

  2. TJ, that's a great idea! My husband would rather have that way too!

  3. I have hooks for bathroom towels and it's much easier for them to keep thier towls hung up! I like the look of tidy tri-folded towels, but 5 people with one small bathroom make hooks a must! gret tip b. Love, tiffany

  4. I love the jewelry hooks. Is that a built in unit. It give me inspiration. I could buy another medicine cabinet and turn it into a jewelry cabinet.

  5. Jean - I got it at JCPenney...here is the link


    It is under the Jewelry wall mounted boxes. I bought it on sale with 50% off coupon...

  6. That's cute! I guess you really are "hooked on hooks". Cute title, I wish I had thought of it. :)

  7. I love hooks, too! I just put some up at the top of my home's basement stairs, and it gives me places to put so much more stuff!

  8. I took down the closet rod in my entry way closet and put up a bunch of hooks. For some reason, it seems easier for everyone to hang up their coats and jackets on hooks instead of hangers!


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