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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Organize Your Bedroom Closet - some inspiration this weekend!

Need some inspiration to clean out your closet? Check out this link on how you can organize. 

Organize Your Bedroom Closet - Better Homes and Gardens

Here's a few more pictures to keep you inspired...we'll go over some more ways soon!

Entry Closet |

I love this closet because it's typical of an entry closet.  But, notice that they cut the pole in half and added shelving and then hooks on the back of the closet door.  Over the door hooks

Organized Entry Closet |
I like this entry closet, also.  Again, notice the hooks on the back of the door? Hint, hint....hooks are important.  Also, noticed that it's not overstuffed with coats.  See how this one has a lot of coats but has double hanging rods. Folding hamper

Organized Bedroom Closet |
This closet doesn't have fancy hangers or built in stuff.  It's got your basic organizers that you can pick up at Kmart, Target or Amazon .

Since most of you seem to be struggling in this area of organizing, I'll be posting more pictures and some ways to get that closet cleaned out throughout the next few weeks.  Get inspired....get rid of your old clothes, you don't need to keep that old prom dress or bridesmaid dress,  and why hang on to shoes that have holes in them?    

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