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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Destruction of Our Kitchen and More

The excitement of having a new kitchen is getting me through the time of having NO kitchen right now! If you have been following me for anytime, you may know I've been dreamingplanning, designing, and budgeting my way through this kitchen renovation. Now, we're in the destruction phase! It's not pretty, but necessary!

Getting ready to rip out kitchen cabinets ::

My husband and I started ripping out cabinets about four weeks ago. We did a little bit every week - as I began packing up the kitchen little by little. Our living room has become somewhat of a stock room! It's crazy in there - we have all the cabinets in there. The garage is holding all the appliances and lighting fixtures and it's about full too! I know it's all going to be over VERY soon! 

Living Room full of cabinets in boxes ::

Notice how much more open the kitchen looks JUST without the upper cabinets. Yes, it's a mess, but looks WAY bigger!

Before and During of kitchen renovation - taking down upper cabinets opens up kitchen ::

So here is the progression of our kitchen demo - lots of pictures coming:

Tearing down upper cabinets ::

My daughter and I worked on tearing out cabinets when my husband was out of town, too! She did a great job helping me pound down all the nails in every piece of wood!

Tearing down upper cabinets ::

These cabinets were handmade in 1971 and the person who put them in use giant nails right into the studs - they were HARD to get out! These weren't the cheapy cabinets you find today. These were just not functioning the way I need to though.  

Tearing down upper cabinets ::

No upper cabinets just really open up our kitchen - just as I envisioned!

Tape to indicate where to put shelves and lighting ::

You can see, above, where I've placed all my tape on the walls and ceiling. The "Xs" are for the recessed lighting and wall sconces, and the tape across is where our floating shelves will go. 

Tape to indicate where to put shelves and lighting ::

Tape to indicate where to put shelves and lighting ::

Kitchen Renovation - midway ::

Here is what our kitchen currently looks like! Pretty, eh? Well, I've got a good set up and still have a fridge and oven in here! Next week, all this will be gone and we'll be left with next to nothing!

Before and Midway through a new kitchen reno ::

Well, everything is ready to go and we're set to start the job next week! I can't wait! Thanks for going along with me on our kitchen renovation!

If you'd like to see the whole process go here: 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the before and during pics! Here's hoping things go smoothly and quickly!!

  2. Love that you're sharing the process. We're starting to think about remodeling as well, and I'm having serious trouble figuring out what I want. Floor types/colors, walls, cabinets, it's overwhelming and I don't know whether to choose what I really want, or what is less work/cost. I can't wait to see your new kitchen!


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