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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Designing: How we’re designing our kitchen to work with our needs

Hold on because this is going to be a FUN post to see! Today I am showing you the FINAL sketches for our kitchen!! Woohoo! I want to point how that you just have NO idea how much work is involved in JUST the planning of a kitchen. We haven't even gotten to the demo yet!

I am super excited to work with MasterBrand cabinets and their designer, Becky {awesome name for a designer}. She and I have chatted so much and I even sent her this short video of our kitchen. Yes, we have a crazy kitchen - there are doors in weird places and things you just can't imagine unless you physically walk into our home or via video.

Keep in mind, when watching the video, that I made the video for Becky, my designer, about 3 months ago. It gives  you a good idea how our kitchen is and how it's laid out. Now, let me give you the sketches of how our kitchen will be transformed...

New kitchen design sketch with black cabinets and open shelving::

This one is looking from the front door towards the back. Keep in mind, my plan is to have black cabinets and white, quartz countertops. We have open shelving - I know, I know, I'm crazy and we have earthquakes but I've got some ideas how to conquer dust and earthquakes - and no upper cabinets.  I believe this will keep the room bright and airy while still having black cabinets. Also, we have a dark floor, too, so I'm trying to lighten everything up! Here is the current view of where the sketch is looking:

Kitchen without enough counter space ::

This view of the sketch shows the direction facing our basement door on the left side. We'll have full ceiling height cabinets on this one wall - lots of deep storage in those.
View of kitchen wall with double oven and side storage pantry ::

Here you can see the cabinets towards the windows over the sink. We had originally wanted to put our cooktop in front of the set of double windows in our kitchen, but the code would probably not allow that with the low, wood window frames as it could be a fire hazard. So, we had to move it between the windows for safety. I think it will work out great in the end and work fine. I wanted as many drawers in the kitchen that were possible - however, we could not put drawers under the cooktop as the cooktop we got has a downdraft fan in it and so below it will be full with the exhaust fan. We have cupboard doors under the sink and it will have a really nice pull-out caddy and tilt out drawer front. We will move the dishwasher over to the other side of the sink where there will be a pull-out cabinet. There is a trash can pull-out drawer between the cooktop cabinets and the set of drawers. 

Sketch of kitchen cabinets full of drawers and cupboard space ::
In the peninsula, we're putting drawers that are super functional. It will have cutlery trays that are sliding in the top drawer, large drawers to hold dishes and linens, plus an awesome toe kick drawer where I plan to put my "junk drawer".

Sketch of kitchen cabinets full of drawers and cupboard space ::

Here's more fun stuff on the other side!

Sketch of kitchen cabinets full of drawers and cupboard space ::

This sketch shows more detail on what is happening on the fridge side of the kitchen. We will be putting in a double oven, also, even though the sketch shows a microwave {we're actually getting rid of the microwave}. Underneath the double oven is a big drawer full of storage. On the side of the double oven there is a pantry full of shelves for more appliances and kitchen things. This can also have a drop zone inside, if we want. 

Sketch of kitchen cabinets full of drawers and cupboard space ::

The back of the peninsula has another cupboard door that you can get even more storage in. You can also see the floating shelves a little easier here that will go on either side of the window over the sink. 

What's interesting about this kitchen design is that it would seem like we have LESS cabinets, but MORE space! It's usable space and well planned so I can fit everything I have now, probably more, with less. 

Sketch of coffee/wine bar with black cabinets ::

Oh, and I should mention that we are now going to have a REAL coffee and wine bar - my husband is thrilled! This will be set up in the dining area of the kitchen and will be a much narrower width of cabinet - only 18 inches deep. We've got some nice wine glasses and bar glasses tucked away in storage that we can pull out and put in these cupboards. It is very exciting and a LOT of work is ahead. We have now ordered the cabinets and they should arrive at the end of this month or the beginning of August. We will not be doing any demo until mid-August and then the real fun begins! We'll be storing cabinets in our living room for a couple of months -since our garage is filled with appliances right now! 

I'd love to know any advice you have for a kitchen renovation or hear your stories from having done one yourself! 

See the whole kitchen renovation here:

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  1. Very exciting! Thanks for sharing the images. I look forward to seeing the finished room.

  2. It's going to be beautiful! I'm dying to redo out kitchen, and my husband was horrified when I said I wanted to get rid of the microwave! However, now that he's used the toaster over a few times he seems to be coming around to my way of thinking. I redid a kitchen about 10 years ago when I was single, and I guess my only advice would be to seal off the area as well as possible during demo. I couldn't believe how well that demo dust traveled throughout the home. And, of course, just remember it'll all be worth it! :)

  3. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!! I was just wondering why there will be no microwave.


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