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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kitchen Renovation: Buying Large Appliances and Getting Bids

Our kitchen has been going through some changes! With my husband's upcoming busy schedule, we've decided to demo the kitchen a little each week! It seems weird, but it's actually working out quite well! So, the total demo is not quite done but nearly done! It's a mess though!

Kitchen Renovation: Buying Large Appliances and Getting Bids ::

Today I want to share a few of the resources and buying deals I worked on in preparation for our new kitchen. I have just about purchased everything I need to for our kitchen and we haven't even finished the demo yet - we've been demolishing the kitchen a little bit at a time, but I still have half a counter, my kitchen sink, and my dishwasher {I will miss that the most during construction}. As of this very moment, I am getting bids on the electrical and other repairs and weighing out my options - my very expensive options. I come from a family with a husband and father who can fix everything, so seeing the cost of these is quite eye opening! 

Here's what I have purchased and some deals I've gotten:

Sears Kenmore Double Convection Oven ::

1. Double Oven - I purchased our double oven from Sears for 50% off and was able to use the delayed payments so I could keep our cash on hand ready in our savings. I can't tell you if it's a great double oven or not yet because it's still sitting in our garage, but I researched on double convection wall ovens and this one ranked well, plus I like the self cleaning, too! So, come next year I'll let you know how it's doing!

Jenn Air Gas cooktop five burner exhaust fan ::
2. Cooktop - I purchased a Jenn-Air cooktop with a downdraft exhaust fan {there are only a handful to choose from} because we had originally planned to put the cooktop in front of a window, but realized after the first design of the kitchen, that we couldn't place it that close to the window because of code, so we moved it over in the sketches. It will be near the kitchen sink but there is no overhead exhaust fan. I actually like that because it leaves a clean look in the kitchen. I purchased ours at Pacific Sales - this cooktop NEVER goes on sale so I wasn't able to get a great deal! But, check with your contractor because they might be able to get you a better price on some of your appliances.

White quartz counter ::

3. Countertops - So, I knew from the moment I planned on getting a new kitchen that I wanted WHITE QUARTZ countertops. Yes, they cost a lot more than tile and even granite, but their durability and the look of them is what made me smitten with them. 

Diamond Cabinet Shaker Style Montgomery in black ::

4. Cabinets - Well, these are the best part of my kitchen! I am so thankful that I have been able to work with MasterBrand. I chose the Diamond Cabinet line in the Shaker style, black! I know it's highly unusual to have black cabinets, but I have had white cabinets for 20 years and was ready for a BIG change! These have already been delivered and are sitting in my living room just waiting for installation! They are superb cabinets and so well-made! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about the organizing. I chose the Montgomery Shaker Style in black. It's gorgeous!

Carrara Marble wall tile hexagon shape ::

5. Wall tile - I have decided {finally} on my wall tile. I plan to purchase that from Floor and Decor, although I have another source that is a little cheaper, but I have a gift card from Floor & Decor so I'm planning on using that to help pay for that to help keep my costs down, hopefully! I plan to purchase that soon, but have been to the store to look at it and it's beautiful. I have the paint chips on the tile and I've got my paint color figured out so that's next!

We're rather fortunate because our fridge and dishwasher are both fairly new so we don't need to purchase any of those new. We also have a floor we love and have decided to keep it and just patch it in one spot that's exposed now. 

As for bids, I'm a newbie at this. I have only had a few contractors in, but I'm learning that it's good that I started early and learned some lingo, found prices beforehand to know what is a good deal and what isn't, and write down exactly what I need done so I can go over with contractor and/or hand him the paper with what I want. This keeps me from straying or forgetting what I need done. Be specific. Those are my bits of advice. I'd love to hear yours! Until the next update....

See the whole kitchen renovation here:

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