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Friday, June 5, 2015

Travel and Be Organized!

Summer is here and I'm guessing that many of you will be traveling soon! If not, pin this for the next vacation you take so you can remember how to get your suitcase, luggage, and travel all organized! Whether you drive, fly, driving an RV, camping in a tent, or takiong a cruise, I've got some great resources for you to get organized on your next trip!

Travel and be organized ::

Organized Gadgets

Want to see some fun gadgets to help you get your next trip organized? Get your travel organized.  

Organized Travel Gadgets ::
Source: Organizing Made Fun

Carry on

Getting all those gadgets organized neatly in your carry on bag. Stay on top your time spent in the airport and on the plane with organized carry on. 

Carry on bag organized ::
Source: Back to her Roots

Cruise Ship

If you're planning a cruise - here are the 5 must pack cruise items! 

5 must pack cruise items ::
Source: A Helicopter Mom

Successful road trip

And, if you aren't heading on an airplane or a ship, you're likely headed on the road. Here are 10 tips for a successful road trip

10 tips for a successful road trip ::
Source: Living in Retrospect

More Road Trip Organizing

Be even MORE organized on your road trip by packing the car or van to optimize road trip and keep the kids happy!

Organizing for a road trip ::
Source: Organizing Made Fun

RV packing

If you've got a big or small recreation vehicle, you can get that small space organized with all kinds of great ideas! 

Organizing your RV ::
Source: Organizing Made Fun

Travel costs planning

Whether you're planning on staying in a cabin or a hotel, be sure to get your travel costs organized before you even go. 

Travel costs organized ::
Source: Organizing Made Fun

Suitcase Packing

A good trip starts with an organized suitcase. Be sure to use all these great tips for getting your suitcase totally organized!

Organized Suitcase ::
Source: The Huffington Post

Camping check list

And last, if you're camping this summer, get THAT organized too with this great camping checklist

Camping Checklist ::
Source: The Camp Gal

Enjoy this season and keep organized! 

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