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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Four Ways to Help Your Kids be Organized and Responsible for Life

4 ways to help your kids be organized and responsible for life ::

Originally I wrote this piece for the website MOB Society - Moms of Boys. But, both girls AND boys can benefit from all that I'm talk about!

As a mom, you know that getting kids to clean up after themselves is hard to do. Maybe getting them to shower everyday and put on deodorant is slightly easier...right? But, teaching them good hygiene and cleaning up after themselves takes four things:


Teaching your kids to clean up after themselves or how to declutter their stuff does you no good if you aren’t consistent. Kids need to be reminded {not nagged} to keep their rooms cleaned. They need to declutter their own things as they get older. You set them up for success when they learn to be independent in decision making by giving away things that they no longer need to others who could benefit from them.


When your kids are messy or constantly break things without any consequences or expectation to replace the item, it’s disrespectful. Kids must learn to take care of things. They need to accept responsibility for what they don’t take care of or break. We are in the thick of this right now with our teenager. Even if you can easily pay for the damage, think about having them find ways to repay their debt. In real life, they are expected to do this, too.


One of the ways your kids can appreciate you as a mom is by being kind, respectful, and taking care of the chores or various responsibilities they’ve been given. Mom doesn’t need to clean up after them when they make a mess. From the start, teach them that if they make a mess, they clean it up. Teach them to be appreciative and this will carry on later in their lives. Through your example and training your kids will learn to appreciate their spouses, children, and jobs.

Follow up

As with consistency, following up with them and making sure they follow through on their chores is important. You’re setting them up for success when you check up on what you asked them to do. Their future boss will be happy and your kids will likely be successful.

What ways can you help your kids to improve in taking responsibility or with being organized?

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  1. Definitely some great advice here! I would say consistency is honestly the most important of these. If you make cleaning a habit, you don't end up having to tell them to clean - which is the big key there.


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