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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Secrets to Making {Summer} Entertaining EASY!

If you've ever followed me on Instagram, you'd notice that we have people over - a LOT! Like, we have people over weekly, sometimes several times a week, depending on what's going on and what time of the season it is. And, we have people over year round on our outdoor patio. We can do that since we live in a place that has such great weather. But, no matter where you live, your can still get some ideas from me on how to make things easier when entertaining. Sadly, after asking on Facebook, many of my readers tell me they NEVER have people over! Oh, you are missing out on so much when you don't. It's so great to share your home with others. 

My Secrets to Making {Summer} Entertaining EASY ::

It's not hard. People ask me all the time how we make entertaining and having people over look so easy. Honestly, the more you do it, the easier it gets. My husband and I have sort of figured out "our roles" when it comes to having people over. He's the picker upper and winds up putting things away while I sit around talking to everyone for awhile, then eventually clean up when people leave. 

1.  Be Organized

Well, duh! Of course I say that. But, honestly, have a plan anytime you have someone over. And, also have a plan for when you don't expect to have someone over. There have been times that I've literally found out an hour before people were coming over for dinner. We have a meal for that!

2. Keep it Simple!

OK, so I mentioned having a meal. The people who come over here eat practically the same thing all the time. Sorry, but that's how it is. We have a couple of meal ideas - one is hamburgers! We keep a big stack of them in the freezer, along with buns. We can pull them out and make dinner in less than half an hour. Add a salad and some pesto potatoes and we're set! I even have desserts in the freezer that I can pull out and they're usually thawed out by the time we finish dinner and are ready for dessert!  If we have time, we usually make tri-tip - Tri what? It's a popular cut of beef here in California and it comes pre-marinated from the store. My husband likes to make this because he's good at it and he just puts it on the barbecue for 45 minutes, flipping and turning occasionally, and it's done! So, it's really easy. I can add any side dishes. Often, we have potlucks here so we just have back up food in case there isn't enough of one kind of food - side dish, dessert, etc.

3. Have a Good Set Up!

I made an outdoor buffet out of an old dresser years ago. This has been one of the smartest things I've ever done, honestly. It has wheels and handles to pull it around to wherever it needs to go. It holds all kinds of outdoor things, so when/if we run out of something I've got it right there.

4. The Right Tools

I have extras of everything outside in the outdoor buffet and drawers in the outdoor kitchen. I bought inexpensive large utensils at Ikea so when people forgot to bring a big spoon, I have one. I have extra large bowls I got at the dollar store for chips or salad or whatever. I also have a basket that holds all the paper goods in one place. I keep it up in the top of  my pantry and pull it down when people are coming over.

5. Good Attitude and Don't Fret

Have a good attitude. Things aren't going to be perfect. They never are. If you had something in mind and it didn't work out, just smile through it. Your guests are not there to see your fancy set up. They are there for you to fellowship with. You need to get to know them. If I had a dollar for every time something went wrong...well, I'd be $100+ richer! Yep, we've had all kinds of things go wrong. But, honestly, I don't put an expectation of what must happen. I just let things flow. 

If you don't have other over, or rarely, consider doing it more. Invite people that you normally wouldn't or that you'd like to get to know better. Maybe there is an older person in your neighborhood that lives alone or a single mom with kids. Invite them. Have a big neighborhood potluck and get to know your neighbors. Do something, but keep it simple! Will you?

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  1. Love these tips. We have impromptu guests a lot in the summer, and we do the same. Set up a folding table on the deck, throw whatever on the grill and watch the kiddos play in the yard! My absolute favorite time of year!


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