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Monday, December 22, 2014

How to Get Those Random Papers Organized!

One of the questions I get from you is WHERE to put all those random papers that come and go into your household. I know, I's a pain and they show up everywhere. So, I asked professional organizer, Jill Annis of Simply Organized to help us out! She's going to give you some great ideas!

Where do you put all the random papers that end up on the kitchen table or counter?

How to Get Those Random Papers Organized!

Do your papers need a home?

A command center is a simple system and solution for those paper piles.  This system will help you keep your office desk or your kitchen counter and table surfaces free of paper clutter.  Set one up in your home by following the instructions in this post and you will have the system up and running in no time.

The command center consists of a desk top file box with approximately 6-8 hanging folders The hanging file folders are usually sold separately. 

Place the command center in a convenient area, preferably close to where you process your papers and mail.  For example: your kitchen counter or your office desk.
Sort your current pile of papers and mail.  Separate mail into categories according to the action that is needed.  Label the hanging folders in your desk top file box with the action needed and place the papers in those folders.
Some examples:
  • File ‹papers that need to be archived in a file cabinet or box.  File these papers when this folder is full.
  • Enter into computer‹data entry, Quickbooks, ect.
  • To order‹ items you want to order off the internet or by phone.
  • Pending‹ when you are waiting for someone to get back to you.
  • Errands‹ a list of errands.
  • To call‹ return calls you need to make.
  • To write ‹letters or emails that need to be written.
Other papers may need to be referenced frequently.  Those papers will also need a home in labeled hanging files.

Some examples:
  • Coupons/Menus‹ restaurant take-out menus and coupons.
  • Receipts‹ file your debit and credit card receipts and other store receipts. You will easily find them if you need to return something.  Purge receipts on a monthly basis.
  • Diet/Exercise ‹healthy menus and class schedules for the gym.
  • Home/Work‹ papers that need to go back and forth from office to work.
  • School ‹class lists and teacher information for each school your children attend.
  • Projects ‹papers you have related to a work project, a home project or a big ticket item purchase (home or car).
  • P/T ‹exercises your physical therapist wants you to do.
  • Family/Other associates‹Label a file folder with the name of each person in your household and the names of people you deal with on a regular basis(office assistant, boss, tutor). Use these folders to hold papers that refer to their activities and items that need to be discussed with them.

This system will work beautifully if you make it a habit to check your active files on a daily basis.  File papers in the system and remove papers as needed.  You may need to post reminders in your calendar or on sticky notes around your home/office to check Command Center, until it becomes a habit.

Jill Annis of Simply Organized - Professional Organizer ::

Check out MY command center HERE:

And more command centers HERE.

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