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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Big Bear Shelving Solution + Giveaway

Big Bear Shelving Solution asked me to try out their shelving brackets. We have already done our whole garage in shelving and did not have another area to use them in our home. So, my assistant, Tiffany, had an opportunity to try out these shelving brackets and is sharing her experience! THEN, you'll get a chance to win a set for yourself - just in time for the new year and getting organized! So, click over and enter and learn more about this great shelving system for your garage or space!

Big Bear Shelving Bracket Giveaway ::

We live in cute little rental home that was built in 1920.  There are charmingly creaky wood floors, beautiful wide baseboards and cute little "built-ins" however,  there are also some "not-so-lovely" parts that we need to make work for us while not spending a fortune.  We were recently able to make over my little single car garage with the affordable Big Bear Shelving Bracket.  

Our garage is not one of the cuter parts about our home, but having four single car garages is  unheard of in a rental! While it is fantastic to have all that space, only a medium size car can fit in each garage.  

House full of garages ::

It is also a little far from the house. I walk down a flight of stairs, then down the  long driveway to get to the garage. This trek can prove a challenge with backpacks, lunches, baby stroller, playpen, etc. in tow. 

You can see in the photos below that the close quarters and random junk around make it difficult to get in and out of the car. 

Both sides of garage before ::

  This shelving bracket has really helped to clean things up.  

The Big Bear Bracket is a shelving bracket that utilizes lumber and plywood to create and affordable and efficient organization system for garages and sheds.  These shelves have 19 square feet of shelf space and hold up to 250 pounds. 

Our package came with two of these brackets inside and the hardware needed to install the shelf. The instructions were included in and the package as well as on the website to ensure you have all the information needed to get the job done.

Easy installation of Big Bear Shelving ::

My husband used a level to be sure his supports were level before attaching the plywood shelves.  

This shelving unit only took my husband 30 minutes to put up including cutting his own wood!  

You can have the lumbar yard cut your wood to the specifications of the manufacturers instructions and you won't even need a saw. 

So here are the after photos of our little garage fix up. 

Get everything off the floor and organized in the garage ::

Here you can see there is a place for the small umbrella stroller and pack n play on the top shelf as well as my daughter's scooter and helmets on the bottom shelf.  

Get everything off the floor and organized in the garage ::

The shelves keep everything off the floor but still within reach.  My husband added hooks for my favorite stroller and grocery bags so that I have a place to keep them off the floor when I don't want them in the trunk. 

He put the things he uses to keep my car running smoothly on the top left.  Here they are out of reach of kids, but still handy for when he wants to add oil or washer fluid or anti-fog the windows.  

There is still plenty of room to add more hooks or bins as needed.

Before and After now an organized garage ::

I am super happy that there is so much more room to get in and out of the car.  I also have a place for all the most-used items for my car. 

My kids aren't tripping over the oil, and I'm not making 10 trips up the back stairs and down to the car when Im heading out for the day.  

If you have a small space and need some useful, strong, yet affordable shelving check out 

Before and After now an organized garage ::

Are you ready to win a set of these shelves? If you'd like to go and see more ideas on how to hang these shelves, go HERE to the Big Bear Shelving gallery. 
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Big Bear Shelving Bracket Giveaway ::

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I was compensated by Big Bear Shelving to review and have a giveaway of their product. All opinions are my own.

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