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Monday, August 11, 2014

My Favorite Things: Back to School Style + Giveaway

Once again I'm going to share some of my favorite things, but this month I'm sharing my favorite back to school organizing things! Plus, this month I'm going to giveaway ALL my favorite things - yep, giving them away!! One of you will something special from Organizing Made Fun to keep your school year organized, so be sure to enter below!

My Favorite "Back to School" Organizing Gadget Giveaway ::

What are you favorite things to getting organized for the "Back-to-School"? Well, my favorite things are:

1. Duo Binders 

My favorite binders -- Duo Binders ::

I was introduced to these a couple of years ago. The sweet folks there gave me a bunch of them to try out. I am skeptical, but my kids loved them. My son is especially hard on binders and we've tried out all kinds of binders and he will wear them out in a matter of months. But, these binders are tough and lasted him well over a year - a year, people!! 

Plus, they aren't just binders, they flip over and have a file system in them. My kids love that too - and both my son and daughter love the colors they come in. You can find them HERE if you're interested in purchasing one or two!

2. Binder Clips

I love Binder Clips ::

Binder Clips are a staple in my home for school supplies. They do all kinds of things. Right? I've talked about them before, HERE, and I still use them constantly for school stuff. I especially love them for using on cords to keep them organized!

3.  Post-it Notes tabs

I love Post-it Message tabs and flags ::

Who doesn't love Post-it's? My favorite for school is the little flag ones that can help keep your student organized, knowing when a test is, a relevant place in the textbook, helping Mom or Dad remember to sign something. They are so helpful to keep organized!! Post-it so sweetly sent me some goodies and my favorites are the message tabs and flags -- we will be using these a lot. My daughter LOVES the mustache post-its, too! Aren't they cute?

The message tabs and flags are HERE or you can find a lot of these Post-it goodies at Target, Office Depot, and the like!

4.  Sharpies

I {heart} Sharpies ::

Oh, I love Sharpies. I am a Sharpie-aholic. I have a lot. Maybe not an extremely large amount, but a good amount in a lot of colors. I showed you HERE how I've used them for our calendar, but I also color code all kinds of stuff using Sharpies. Plus, the fatter ones are perfect for writing names on jackets and clothes that go to school so you don't lose them!

5.  Cozi

My favorite calendar app for getting the whole family organized :: 

 I have been using this FREE APP and on my laptop/desktop for YEARS! And my hubby actually uses it too - seriously, it's a miracle! It has been SO helpful for getting our calendars synced up and communicating what is going on. Now my son, who is 15, has an iPhone and uses it and daughter, who is 10, has an iPod and uses it too. It's perfect for reminding them or myself of stuff and I can meal plan, grocery shop, keep lists, and more on there. It's been so great when my hubby has stopped by the grocery store on his way home from work and the shopping list is right there for him to grab through his app!

If you get the Cozi GOLD it's got all kinds of extras for a yearly fee - like the Meal Planner, Birthday planner, and Contacts that you can share between everyone in your family. 

My Favorite "Back to School" Organizing Gadgets Giveaway ::

So, now for the giveaway. Here is what you are going to get:

  • 1 Duo Binder
  • 1 Set of Binder Clips
  • 1 Set of Post-it Note Tabs
  • 1 Set of colorful Sharpies
  • 1 year of Cozi GOLD membership {worth $30}
Use the rafflecopter widget to enter! Can't wait to send one of my readers a special back-to-school gift!

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