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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Getting the bathroom organized!

Summer often motivates me to get projects started, finished, or thought up! Lately, I have been wanting to get my bathroom cabinets more organized. They need tweaking occasionally and I start to notice that things are looking rather unorganized!

Bathroom organizing {click through for a great coupon, too} ::

I cleared out a bunch of the stuff in there that I just didn't need or tossed old, yucky stuff. It happens to the best of us, right? Well, one of the things I like to keep organized in the bathroom is my toilet paper and all my stock of extra toiletry items. 

Shelf paper makes a huge difference inside a cupboard ::

I bought this pretty "Peel and stick wall covering" to put inside the cabinets. It's truly amazing how much lighter and brighter the inside of a cabinet can look JUST from changing out the shelf paper! 

The Anatomy of a {keep me} fresh and clean stocked cabinet ::

Here is my anatomy of a {keep you} fresh and clean cabinet! I picked up the Cottonelle toilet paper and flushable wipes at my CVS and keep the cabinet well stocked with supplies to keep all our "bums" fresh and clean - and I seriously love this toilet paper and wipes {which I use daily}. I always say that there are some things I am willing to pay for - good toilet paper is one of those things! Right? I also keep my all-natural lice treatment on hand, just in case {but pray it doesn't happen ever again}, along with my feminine products and other cleansing products!

Keep extra toilet tissue in a basket by the toilet, just in case you run out ::

I keep extra toilet paper on the side of the toilet - always, just in case you run out and you can't grab any - and the flushable wipes in this cute, little tray so it looks a little classy on there. Remember how I {disguised and} organized my feminine products? Well, nothing is off limits today, right?

TIP: Keep a paper towel holder under the bathroom sink and some spray cleaner for touch ups ::

My tip for under the bathroom sink is to install a paper towel holder and a spray bottle with an all-natural cleaner to have when you have necessary clean up in there - especially kids bathrooms! 

What is your best bathroom organizing tip?

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