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Friday, November 8, 2013

Helping with a closet!

Today I'm helping out  my assistant, Shannon! You see, she and her hubby sold their condo about 9+ months ago...then, were shot down trying to find house after house. Until they finally found this one. They have been living with her in-laws for almost the whole time - and during that time she had another baby! But, this house has much work to be done on it before they can move in...including their closets! That's where I'm being "neighborly" and helping them out with their master closet!

Here is how their closet looks now! We used a simple wire closet organizer that you can purchase at your local Ace Hardware or online. It wasn't expensive, but it's strong and sturdy and looks great when organized with their clothing. They have a pretty small closet, so we figured out the best way to give them the most space. 

Here you can see before and after. You can see that they have a lot more hanging space now then they did - along with a nice coat of paint - and it functions well. Even for a simple closet organizer, adding matching wood hangers and a small shoe organizer really helps the closet to look great. They plan to keep the doors off, which I think really helps to open up your room and make it appear a little larger.

If you can keep a fairly neat closet, it really does give the illusion your room is bigger. I do the same in my own master closet. They are now able to keep the upper doors off the top of their closet as well since we put in these great cubby containers - the top goes way back to store extra clothing or linens and these go in front for more things that need to get to more regularly. It looks really great!

She has skirts and slacks and pants on the bottom and will add more as they move into their home soon. 

There's long hanging and blouses and her hubby's work shirts on the top, along with some of her sweaters on the top shelf - which here in Southern California we don't need too much of, but we like to pretend we have "cold" weather!

And we fit some of her shoes in there too. 

Since it's such a tiny closet, she'll have to rotate her clothes seasonally, but behind the cubby containers is a bunch of space she can use for storing those seasonal clothes. 

Doesn't their closet look great?

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