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Monday, November 11, 2013

50 Pieces of Advice from Mom for keeping your home clean and organized!

Take it or leave it, good advice or bad, we all have had some advice about how to do things around our house. Our moms have set the example for us and so we often use their advice! I asked my Facebook readers awhile back about their best advice from mom and here are 50 pieces of Mom's best advice for keeping your home clean and organized!

1. Clean as you cook.
2. Put it back where it belongs.
3. Always make your bed as you get up.
4. Listen to music loudly while you dance and clean.
5. Run the dishwasher right before bed, unload first thing in the morning.
6. Never touch anything twice.
7. Leave the house clean before you go anywhere. Whenever you come home you'll have a nice, clean house to enjoy.
8. Never go up the stairs empty handed.
9. Clean from top to bottom.
10. Do it now. It'll only take five minutes. If you want until tomorrow, it will have doubled.
11. Set a timer and allow yourself to stop when the timer is done. 
12. "Nothing on the floor but furniture"
13.  No one is too young {if they're old enough to walk} to do some type of chore around the house!
14. Always clean and scrub your porches or decks, the outside of your house reflects the inside of your house.
15. Wash glasses first, before the dishwater gets greasy.
16.  Leave it cleaner than when you arrived.
17.  Vinegar and water to clean everything.
18.  A place for everything, and everything its place.
19.  Put wet pots and pans in the oven to drip dry.
20.  It's easier when you don't let it pile up.
21.  Dust first, vacuum last.
22. Make sure you kids have a decent bed time so that you can get things picked up after they go to bed and wake up to a tidy house.
23. Don't let laundry pile up!
24. Always have clean floors and windows!
25. Don't clean the dishes with the same rag you use to wipe the counter.
26.  If you bring two bags of stuff from Target, then two bags need to leave.
27.  Don't go to bed with a dish in the sink.
28.  When you do something, do it right the first time and then it saves on having to do it again. 
29. If nothing else, do the dishes and keep that sink clean!
30. Do hospital corners when making a bed!
31. Use newspaper for washing windows and mirrors. 
32. Wipe off the stove each time you use it!
33. Waste not, want not.
34.  Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today!
35. Delegate.
36.  Start dinner early in the day, preparing as much as you can early. It makes getting dinner on the table much less daunting.
37. Rotate jobs so that everything gets done periodically.
38. Put the kitchen sponge in the dishwasher or microwave to keep it fresh and clean!
39.  Handmade/Homemade is always better!
40.  A dryer sheet is a quick and easy way to freshen furniture. Just rub it down and it lasts longer than Febreze.
41. Wash it, fold it, put it away...right away!
42.  If the house is straightened, it looks cleaner.
43.  Always make your bed and put clothes in the hamper.
44.  Move everything before you dust.
45.  Clean the edges of the baseboards by hand...even when using a mop for the large portion of the floor.
46.  Make a list, go down it during the day. At the end of the day you'll see your progress. 
47.  It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
48.  Try to create something new out of the old.
49.  Start at the back and move your way forward. If you don't you may quite before you reach the kitchen.
50.  Do a great job no matter if it's for yourself or anyone else.

Whew! Boy, did your mom give you some great advice? Please share in the comments!

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