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Friday, July 19, 2013

Operation: Organize the garage {midway}

{I have been paid compensation by Flow Wall Systems to try out their fabulous product}

Last week I showed you our "before" pictures of our garage that is currently in the midst of re-organizing with the Flow Wall Systems

The wall we're going to do has the open studs on it {this house was built in the 1940s}. Not so pretty or practical, but you could still use the Flow Wall System on it with just the studs - my husband and I just thought we should do it up right while we had the opportunity. We debated whether to drywall it or plywood it. We decided on using plywood. 

I should mention that {on the 4th of July with 50 people coming over for dinner} my hubby decided that he'd better re-wire the whole garage before he put up all this plywood! That man is amazing!

Why plywood? Well, in the garage, this wall is going to get banged up - no doubt! So, if we use the drywall, it's much cheaper at about $8 a sheet but the chances of it get dinged up are far greater. By using plywood, it's actually easier for my hubby to install AND if it gets banged into, it won't leave a huge hole! 

To make up for using a more expensive product over the studs, I used leftover paint from our house paint from a couple of years ago. It was the perfect match, surprisingly, and I had the right amount left to use! 

My hubby is amazingly detailed. He worked out a couple of different options for how we are going to place the garage wall system, considering what we have and how it will be used.

This is the second one is slightly different but another good option that I like. I won't reveal which one I wind up choosing -- you'll have to wait for the BIG reveal post in two weeks for the answer! 

However, this project is making this part of our garage amazingly organized and good looking all at the same time - something I kind of like having, for sure! If you want to keep up with more of my garage organizing adventures {more details}, be sure to follow me on Instagram at BeckyB_OMF. So far, what do you think? Does your garage have drywall already in it?

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