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Friday, February 3, 2012

House Project: the back of the house

I'm back with more details on our curb appeal...only I'm going to show off the back of the house. The whole house was painted, you know?

The garage door was replaced...what a HUGE difference that made! We decided that getting a "fancy" garage door with a window wasn't necessary, since it's not seen from the street. We made sure to get a garage door with insulation, so it would be extra dent resistant - you know, in case a basketball, scooter, or kid winds up smacking against it!

Back on the deck, you can see under the eaves here, that I had the painter paint them white - to match the windows and the {future} gutters. 

You can see looking towards the back door that I had the back doors painted red! That back door gets more traffic than my {yellow} front door, since my piano students come in through my back entry. I wanted it to be fun and a surprise color of red. Remember how I bought those cushions for my couch last summer and they only had red left on clearance? Well, NOW they actually add a great touch of color to tie in the red doors - plus I've added a few more red accent pieces {well, I spray painted my old stuff} so that it all ties in and makes sense.

Even the VERY far back door, which is on our {attached to the garage} shed is red. When I have backyard Thursdays in the summer, all of us Mommies sit back here and chat under the avocado trees while we watch the kiddos. So, I wanted to include this door with red - it's so much fun! I can't wait to show you more...when there is more! Everything takes so much time {the painting took a MONTH}! I expect it will take awhile to re-do the roof and gutters, so I'll show you that when it comes, too. Plus, I've got lots of outside projects that I'm hoping to do with decorating out there and getting it ready for spring and summer use. Have a happy weekend!

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