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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Check out my patio LIVE with Hometalk

Next Tuesday, June 11th at 3:30 PM {EST}, our outdoor deck, kitchen, and patio cover are going to be featured - but not just featured like you see a picture. This is going to be a LIVE webinar.

You will not only get to walk around my deck with me, but you get to meet my Hubby! He's going to talk all about he built this deck and outdoor kitchen. 

My Hubby working on the outdoor kitchen area

Then, I get to talk with you all about how I decorated out there - my color choices, my plants, all the quirky things I have out there.

My hubby and friends carrying the BBQ grill he bought on Ebay at a deep discount!

Plus, I'll walk you around the entire thing so that you get a feel for where everything is and how it's laid out. {It's always so hard to do that in just pictures}. 

The crew of men from church who showed up to help lay the decking down one day.

We do some serious entertaining out here! So, please join me and I'll show all the fun we had building and decorating our patio - and maybe inspire you to do something fun for your outdoor space. By the way, it took my hubby three years to build the deck and outdoor kitchen - and then a contractor 4 months to build the patio cover! This didn't happen overnight, that's for sure! 

Go HERE to RSVP for the live hangout {you do NOT have to have a Google+ account to watch}. If you are on Hometalk, follow me HERE. If not, anyone can join and post pictures of your home projects or ask the experts questions!

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