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Friday, May 31, 2013

End of month Wrap up for May!

Well, it's officially the beginning of summer for us in our household -- the kids are out of school and we're "on vacation" enjoying the wonderful laziness of summer! So, while you're enjoying your summer, take a look back over what has happened here in May!

So many great ideas you may have missed! Be sure to click on any of the posts to see it! I also want to give a BIG shout out to my sponsors - who make blogging possible!

I am delighted to have Day-Timer as a sponsor...since you all know that I'm always telling you to get yourself a schedule! They are a perfect way to get yourself scheduled!! If you like to keep track of your calendar manually, then you will love the giveaway coming next week -- stay tuned!

CA Support Service - they are actually in the U.K. ! Wow! They are your go-to company to help you out with cleaning and services of all kinds!

As you probably saw from my post with Office Depot a couple of weeks ago, we are now teaming up! I'm super thrilled to have them on board with OMF and you can be sure that this combo will bring you even more fun ideas for organizing!

If you are a lover of containers that organize, you are going to LOVE Brandi from Clever Container!

H2O Pouch - $15.00  This handy submergible and waterproof pouch is ideal for protecting your camera, phone, mp3 player, money, credit cards, etc.   Use it at the pool or beach, while snorkeling at a water park or camping. You can even take photos through the clear window!

Weather or Not - $20.00 If it’s raining, this water-resistant pouch will surely hold your e-reader and keep it dry even ifyou’re not! Fully usable while in the pouch and is perfect for keeping sticky fingers at bay.

Her June specials are above and aren't they fabulous? I love those!

Online Labels.com has just about every kind of label you could possibly want for getting organized - which is a fun part about organizing, the labeling!! Go over to their FACEBOOK page {and "like" it, of course} and you will keep up with some of the latest ideas and discounts they will be offering!

Clean Mama has the best printables including this one above - her Clean House Kit! She also has a 20% off code for OMF readers. Use 20ORGMF for your discount. 

Alejandra's latest videos:

Organizing Your Taxes

Or there is a playlist to watch all of them here:  http://www.alejandra.tv/videos/

A BIG thank you again to my wonderful readers! Be sure to enter to win a fantastic giveaway...go HERE to enter!

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