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Monday, June 3, 2013

Once you start...you can't stop!

You know, sometimes you plan to get things organized. And then, sometimes it just happens spontaneously! Well, that happened to me the other day - as you may have seen on Facebook or my Instagram page. 

I was trying to get something from under the kitchen sink, and I realized it was the right moment - so I must jump on the opportunity and purge and re-organize under there! Once I started, I couldn't stop! Isn't this some of the best organizing? In my opinion, YES! It only took me half an hour to complete this task, maybe less.

So, here was under my kitchen sink before. I had thought for weeks that I needed to tidy up down there again - maintenance is key with keeping things organized. I just didn't get the motivation I needed to do it!

As you can see, the space under the kitchen sink is totally under-utilized. I just used what I had around the house and got rid of clutter. I also wanted to fit in my new compost pail down there, so that meant I had to get creative.

Here is what it looks like now! Happy dance! I was able to make better use of the space AND fit my little compost bucket in there.

Here's a great before and after for you to see. It looks much better, but I didn't do a lot to it - besides vacuum out crumbs and gunk {how does all that get in there?} and remove clutter.

Here you can see a bit of what went on and where. I moved the basket in the middle up to right side - using wood screws that I drilled in half way to hang the basket from it's own holes. I hung up my sink brushes - you can use {affiliate links ahead} command hooks

I also re-papered the old coffee can that I use for our small plastic bags - these are old bread bags, veggie bags, etc. that we use to pick up the dog "doo" in the yard and throw it out - with a hole cut into the top of the can lid. On the back of the door is where I keep all the plastic grocery bags I get from the store and re-use around the house for various things.

The cleaning caddy contains only what is necessary. I have a jar in there, for draining grease but the rest is strictly cleaning stuff I use in the kitchen. 

The slide out drawer is one of my favorite things I bought years ago. I also like using the back of the door to keep more things handy. 

Last, there is that extra stuff - dishwasher parts and sink plugs, etc. that I don't often need but still need to have under there. I put two wood screws in there - a little tricky around the pipes, but I did it. It may not be completely "level" but it does the job and who else is going to ever notice or look under there? Well, of course, YOU are seeing it but normally no one. 

How does the area under your kitchen sink look? Clean and organize, sort of OK, or is it an absolute mess? Take a few minutes and get yours in order - you'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel!

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