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Monday, April 22, 2013

11 Ways to have an Organized Kitchen

Here again to share lots of great organizing inspiration for your kitchen today! I've come up with eleven different areas in your kitchen that you can get organized {although there are probably more!}. 

organize kitchen pantry shelf

1. Pantry - it's really the place you store all your non-refrigerated food items. If you can label your containers, it helps the whole family know where things go back. In this pantry she used the back of the door and stamped on each clothespin what was inside the pocket plus she used chalkboard labels to change when necessary on the containers. {This post contains affiliate links}

Organize and Decorate Everything

2. Spices - I love my pull-down spice racks in my kitchen! They stack the spices so neatly and pull down so when my daughter is helping me cook she can reach and grab something when I ask. Of course, they are lined up in alphabetical order to make finding them easier!

spice rack organize
Organizing Made Fun

3. Counter - the counter can get cluttered up with all kinds of things. I love this pretty tray and mixture of oils on her counter. It makes everything look tidy and neat and if you spill the oil {or whatever thing you have on your counter}, it stays clean on the counter.

A Bowl Full of Lemons

4. Cupboards - If you aren't afraid to, you can attempt this beautiful way of organizing your plates and glassware. It's much easier to get to and grab a plate. It's not too hard to keep tidy when stacking them up.

shelves cupboard open organize
Ask Anna

5. Drawers - I love Alejandra, so I have her video her on organizing here kitchen drawer. She's got some super great tips! This drawer organizing liner is so fantastic {I must really get one myself}. 

6. Dead space - no doubt many kitchens have dead space in there. I found this neat corner organizer that swing out! Something like this can help you reach all the space and still get to your pots and pans. 

corner dead space organizer
Plain and Fancy

7. Refrigerator - It seems silly, but it seriously is true. Having an organized refrigerator is some serious stuff! I like how she took inexpensive baskets and grouped items. 

refrigerator containers baskets organize
Goodbye House Hello Home

8. Coffee/tea Zone - My hubby likes his coffee. I generally choose iced or hot tea, but having all of that organized is essential! So, we organized a coffee bar for all his K-cups. We used this cool pod organizer {since this original post we now have TWO stacked on top of each other} and then the extras are stored elsewhere. Go HERE to see more about it. 

tea coffee K-cup pod organizer

9. Baking Zone - If you love to bake, it's a great idea to make a designated area of your kitchen to have all your baking supplies, if you have the room. 

baking zone
Clean Mama

10.  Under the Sink - Using simple ways to keep the clutter under the sink from taking over will help you to stay on top of the mess, too!

under sink lazy susan
Love of Family and Home

11. Storing platters and trays - large platters and trays that are only used on occasion need a place to be stored, but not necessarily something expensive to do it. Using tension rods on a simple shelf helps hold these in place.

platters trays bowls
Martha Stewart

Is your kitchen a disaster or pretty organized? I hope these inspire you to get different areas of yours organized!

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