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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's get spicy! Spice cabinet re-do...

My spice cabinet seemed to be working well. But, I began noticing that things weren't really as orderly as I liked them to be! I wanted my spices to be in alphabetical order, but how I had them organized didn't make it very easy to do that. 

spices spice rack organizing

I decided it was time to move them. Since I had organized a new coffee area, thanks to our Keurig machine, we have no need for our tea cupboard

spice cupboard spices

That's part of organizing...flexibility and realizing when things need to move out and change!


Here is the tea cupboard. I got rid of much of this altogether. Some was old, some unnecessary, some never used. I tossed a bunch and then moved the little bit left over to the old spice cupboard. 

Then, I went through all the spices. I read that spices don't ever go bad, they just lose their oomph! I got rid of a few things, combined others that I didn't realize I had duplicates of, and got a general idea of what I had!

Then, I found these really cool spice organizing racks {I got mine at Lowe's}! They were perfect for my new space to put my spices in! I installed them myself -- they BARELY fit in this spot side by side. 

It was so nice to be able to alphabetize them...and even had extra room leftover. 

magnetic back of door spices

I moved my other spices, that were on the back of the cabinet door, to this other door. 

The pull down racks are so nice! What do you think? Pretty neat, huh?

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