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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Organizing a Coffee Bar

My hubby is a big tea and coffee drinker. I am not! I drink no coffee and on some occasions I have tea {I'm a Coke Zero/Diet Coke kind of a girl}. I know it's important to him and the many people we have over, so when his precious coffee pot area began to become a mess, I knew I had to do something.

So, I created a coffee bar area for him and our visitors. He got his beloved Keurig machine for his birthday this past December. 

He loves it...he can have his one cup of coffee or tea in any flavor, quickly and easily. Plus, the kids can even make their own apple cider or hot chocolate on their own too. I love this organizer that I got him to put the coffee maker on top of. The drawer pulls out and you can choose whatever flavor you like.

But, don't freak out, this man likes to have a WELL stock pantry. He has SO many pods in tons of flavors underneath. 

Do you remember this buffet? I made this over last year for my kitchen. I took the cupboard on the right side of the buffet to make into the coffee bar.

I found these great containers - really, by accident - while shopping through Ikea the other day. They are the Krus container and they are actually made for putting tea bags.

They are clear and have lock-down tabs on the side, PLUS they have these clear dividers inside. They are super neat.  I got a few of them to hold all the pods for the coffee maker.

And so this is now a wonderful solution to the coffee bar unorganization!

There are small containers and larger ones. I got some of each and loaded them up - got rid of all those boxes that were a mess under there.

I added cup hooks inside - carefully measuring for each - and then put the coffee cups inside the cupboard. 

They hung just above the containers.

I have the creamers and sweet stuff close by - although on a daily basis it isn't used cause Hubby doesn't use that stuff.

It's got everything inside and it's clear to see what flavors are where.

And now, when we have company we can quickly make it a special's an organized coffee bar in our kitchen!

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