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Friday, April 5, 2013

11 Ways to get your crafts organized

Are you the type that has a "crafty" side to you? You like all those fun projects and make a gigantic mess in the process and leave it on the dining room table for all to see...

crafts cupboard organize bookcase

Ummm, that's a problem! Right? Who wants to see all that craft stuff out in the open for weeks on end? But, who has room for an entire craft room? Ok, some of you might, but I hope to inspire you to get your crafts a bit organized today from some fun pictures I've gathered here for you!

Raising Rubies
This first space is from Jaime's beautiful craft room - she actually turned her formal living room into a craft room! It's beautifully organized and makes you want to get in there and start crafting! Doesn't it? She was even featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine recently!


Turning a closet into an organized space is another great idea, especially if you don't have a whole room to dedicate to it. 

I have an organized cupboard in my family room - it's in a corner of the room. I've organized it inside and out and it's been a joy to see how much my daughter has especially enjoyed it!

Deb's Heart and Home

If you don't have a cupboard already, you can use an armoire to get it organized. I love how my friend, Debbie, uses hers and gets the job done in a place that can handle this and then close up the door when she's done to cover up the mess.


Here's a small bookcase that's filled with great craft organization!

Deliciously Organized

Another way to do this above a small cabinet using an adjustable shelving system. 

Studio Calico

Check out this spinning tool rack turned into cute craft organizer? 

Art as Life

Turn a dining room hutch into a craft organizer, too!

Armelle Blog

I am always excited to see the back of the door being used. And love this one for sewing supplies and some craft supplies, also. 

pegboard crafts
Honey Bear Lane

Pegboard is another awesome organizing tool! And, it's cheap too! Organizing crafts this way makes me smile!

cart craft organizing rolling

My last one is a roll away cart for craft storage. If you just don't have any other room, maybe this will work for you! Are you a big crafter? Or a small crafter {like me}? Either way, there are many ideas here for you to be able to use to get your crafts organized! If you want more ideas, go to my Craft Pinboard and enjoy!

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