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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Donation Box

I have a big rule in my own closet that anytime I buy something new {or used}, another thing has to go. One in, one out rule. I'm pretty strict about it and have been trying to do this for many years. But, the best and easiest way I've seen myself keep to doing this is by having a donation box in my closet.

What is a donation box and why keep it in my closet? Well, if I decide I'd like something new to wear or I'm tired of wearing something, I go through my closet and pick something out. Even if I'm not, sometimes I just go through it and look at my clothes - what have I not worn in a long time? Do I really LOVE that piece or that piece of clothing? Maybe it doesn't fit, too big or too small? Maybe it's impractical? Whatever the reason, I place it in my donation box in the back of my closet.

I had a donation box that was from Ikea in there before, but brought it down to my basement, several months ago, to go through and donate clothes and our basement flooded! Oh phooey! So, I made a new one that's pretty! I took a plain, shipping box and cut the flaps off all four sides.

Then, I took some pretty wrapping paper I had already here {and used on my closet drawers} and some spray glue I had and wrapped the box with it.

It was really easy! I store it in a convenient spot in my closet on the floor beneath my coats and dresses. This way it's easy to put the clothes in that I don't wear or don't fit.

My box is filling up! When I have a few friends over that might be interested in it, I can pull it out and offer for them to try on clothes or look through it. Have you ever thought about having a place to put clothes that you should giveaway? 

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