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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Big Girls' Organized Room!

My sweet little girl is growing up. She's beginning to show signs that an area she has struggled with, organizing and clutter, is improving each time we work on it - and it improved with age for our son. Keeping an organized room is important, whether you think so or not. She's a big girl now and she is expected to keep it looking neat and clean. 

So, once we got her room all fixed up and cute, it was time to organize! I wouldn't have it any other way. So, we've been trying to figure out how we could rearrange her closet. I got her the closet system - it's an Elfa closet system - about five years ago. 

A lot of the reason I got it was that it could be changed around. I've already rearranged her closet twice. The tricky part is that her closet doors restrict being able to move the drawers anywhere but on one side or the other, so.....

...we removed the doors! She asked to remove them because she didn't like them -- I realized that it WAS more practical -- and she promised that she would keep it neat and organized. So, I made her a deal -- I'm good with making deals! 

We took everything out of her closet. Everything! I let her decide how she wanted to organize it - it makes it more fun and she will likely keep it organized that way. She had so much fun organizing -- she wanted to organize all her clothes by color {this Momma was SO happy}. I have it that way in my closet and my hubby's and she likes that it looks like a rainbow effect -- I like that it visually helps me to put an outfit together easier and remember what I wore last. 

We moved her drawers that were on the right side into the middle. We put all her bins on the bed while moving the Shelves around a little bit. I got those great bins at Ikea {Trofast}. I like the bins because they are open top {perfect for kids} and durable. They can handle being dragged around.

The drawers in the closet and the clear bins can look a bit messy if you don't keep things perfectly in order. So, I took the left over flaps from the boxes that I made the donation box with and cut them to fit into each of the drawer fronts and clear bins. Then, we took duct tape that was fun and colorful, and covered each of them.

Then, I slipped them into the drawer fronts. It looks great, especially in a closet with no doors.

Here is a full view of her whole closet. I will say that this old house has fabulous closets - and weird, too. I LOVE that the house has the above closet cupboards and below closet drawers - many of the houses in our city have this similar design in the old homes. On top we keep her larger toys - and yes, I want her to ask me to help her get these down so I know how much she's gotten out and will need to clean up. On the right side we keep her luggage and sleeping bag and future shoes {in shoe box I got on sale a size too large}. 

I used my Cricut machine to cut out all kinds of FUN and cute vinyl labels, including this one for the bottom drawer.

I also made more for all her organizing bins. If you can't tell, she likes American Girl {that's the AG on the bins}. You can also see I wasn't too specific in the labels. They can come off someday, if needed, but this way she can just throw things in that fit instead of being overly particular on which AG things go where.

I'm going to show some of my daughter's "mad" organizing skills. Here, she organized all her dresses by color in rainbow order. 

Here, she organized her t-shirt drawer by color also. Precious, isn't it?

She even organized her shoes by color. She really had fun and went all out on it. 

I'm very proud of her. I've always seen in her the ability to get organized, but she tends to get a little lazy - which we've been working on - and this proved she truly knows what she's doing and that she's really working in that area!

One last look at her organized closet! And, I'm happy to report that since she's had her closet doors taken off, she's kept it neat and clean and organized. Don't you love it?

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